Sunday Swatches: Makeup Revolution Liquid Highlighters

Sunday 19 November 2017

After my last highlighter post by NYX, I've been pretty obsessed with liquid highlighters and when I saw these ones by Makeup Revolution I was instantly reminded of the Cover FX liquid highlighters I've seen online (that I'm still yet to try)!
Read on to see what I think of them and of course swatches ;)

heavily swatched
swatches blended a bit
The packaging is definitely reminiscent of the Cover FX packaging, just with rose gold lids instead of silver but with the same dropper style application.
The sticker that wraps around the bottle corresponds with the highlighter shade inside, however you can see the true colour of the highlighter at the bottom of the bottle where there's no sticker.

Colour & Pigmentation
The pigmentation is super strong as they're more of a liquid pigment, and have a frosty/metallic finish.
Here are the shades as described on the MUR website:
Starlight: reflective white pink
Champagne: metallic champagne
Luminous Gold: luxury white gold
Bronze Gold: metallic bronze gold
Lustre Gold: metallic bronze gold (slightly pinker)
Rose Gold: reflective rose gold
Gold Rush: Bronzed Gold Pearl
Rose Quartz: Rose Gold Pearl
Golden Hour: True Gold Pearl

There's also an iridescent lilac shade called "Unicorn Elixir" that I wasn't sent but also looks beaut!

My eyes were first drawn to Champagne but I found Luminous Gold to suit my skintone best when applied.
Once applied I do feel like they all leave a similar frosted metallic finish with a hint of the shade they are (i.e. hint of bronze) but I reckon Champagne, Luminous Gold and Bronze Gold will be most popular amongst most skintones.

I asked on my instagram how you guys love to apply your liquid highlighters and most of you said fingers, which I guess is easiest!
However, as I tend to wear my highlighter after I've applied setting powder to my foundation/under eyes, I find that the best method for me is:
using a damp sponge and dabbing into the highlighter on the back of my hand until even, then dabbing lightly to the tops of my cheekbones. Any excess product on the back of my hand I sometimes sweep a small brush over and apply to the inner corner of my eyes, cupids bow and sometimes nose.
This usually gives a more realistic natural glow, however as these MUR highlighters are very frosty I suggest using a veryyyyy small drop to achieve a more natural finish, otherwise you could of course go full on tin man!
A lot of people commented saying they mix with their foundation which I haven't personally tried with any liquid highlighter yet for fear of looking hella greasy especially around my oily nose πŸ˜…

As mentioned before, these have a frosty/metallic silvery finish.

Scent: No real strong scent, but a faint pleasant one.

Longevity: I found the shimmer to last all day.. and literally even some of the swatches wouldn't budge when using a wet wipe, had to use oily makeup remover!

Price: These are £6 each which compared to CoverFX (£34) are super cheap, especially if they really are dupes! 

They're available directly at TAM Beauty here or Superdrug here.
Overall rating
As I've not yet tried the CoverFX custom enhancer drops yet, I can't comment whether they're similar or not, but they're definitely more frosty and liquid in consistency than the NYX Away We Glows and Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Spotlights.

I like that a little will go a loooong way and that they're the most longwearing highlighters I've tried so far, but the finish is a bit too metallic for my liking as I'd prefer to see more of the gold come through than metallic silver.
Being a more liquid consistency however, makes it a bit more versatile to use so I give them a 3.5, especially for the price point!

Have you tried these Liquid Highlighters? Which are your favourite?
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  2. These are gorgeous!! I have to give these a try.

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