Sunday Swatches: NYX Lip Lingerie - 12 New Shades!

Sunday 9 April 2017

After the popularity of my last NYX Lip Lingerie post (it's my most popular post in all my 6+ years of blogging!), it made sense to push this NYX post to the top of my blogging list yet again, just like with the Away We Glow highlighters (which I'm using everyday lately, LOVE them!)

Since my last post, the swatches on the Boots website haven't improved unfortunately, but I guess that's where bloggers like us come in and help you decide what they may look like on you!

Read on for my thoughts on these 12 added shades to the Lip Lingerie collection and of course the SWATCHES!

Before I start, as always, I'd like to explain that my picture swatches may differ to how they look on you for mainly ONE reason that I feel I need to clarify:

My LIP tone

What I've noticed when I personally look for swatches, is that I need to look for someone who is a WOC (woman of colour) as I'm likely to get a more accurate idea of what it will look like on me.


Lip tones vary even within WOC, so this means that someone who is darker than me in skin tone can actually have lighter/less pigmented/dark lips, which means she can get away with wearing lighter nude shades, whereas they would look more pastel on me.

Similarly, if you're fairer skin tone with lighter/less pigmented lips, the shades that look like a perfect nude on ME, will look much darker on you.

So I tend to look for women who have naturally darker lips as this plays a huge factor in how a lipstick looks for me personally and even though I may have the same skin tone/complexion to you, it's worth noting my lip tone may differ.

My personal preference for nudes are along the lines of mauves or rusty shades, not so much dark brown shades even though they're still pretty wearable for my lip tone.

I knew that the two lightest shades in the 12 new shades (Silk Indulgent and Cheekies) would not suit me at all so I didn't swatch them on my lips, but included the next lightest shade Dusk To Dawn (which wasn't flattering on me at all!) so you could see what it looked like in the video below.
These are all 12 new shades swatched in some sort of shade order next to the previous 5 I've swatched in my last post here.
9 of the 12 shades (I forgot to take a pic of After Dark πŸ˜ͺ)

Swatch Video

The packaging is in a handy clear plastic tube with a slightly longer and slimmer doe foot applicator wand than usual, which works well for my thicker lips but could see being a possible issue with thinner lips.
I did notice that these new shades seemed to have more air in them than I remember the original shades having when I reviewed them last year, but they both have the same amount of product (4ml).
The packaging still kind of reminds me of the (non limited edition) Kylie Jenner liquid lipsticks (reviews here).

Colour & Pigmentation 
Again, the pigmentation is definitely there but I found some of the shades to be patchier than others, which mean they applied a bit uneven.
I usually tend to find within any brand that the darkest and lightest shades tend to be the patchiest and the same was true with Dusk to Dawn and Scandalous when swatched on my lips.
I've starred the WOC/dark lip friendly colours below.

Shades as described by NYX:
Cheekies: Pale Warm nude
Silk Indulgent: Baby Pink nude
Dusk to Dawn: Warm Beige nude
*Cashmere Silk: Midtone Beige
Bustier: Dusty Mauve 
*Cabaret Show: Dusty Rose
*Seduction: Reddish Brown nude
*After Hours: Warm Brown nude 
*Confident: Muted Plum
*French Maid: Muted Mauve
Delicate Lust: Greige
Scandalous: Brownish Taupe (I'd describe as a khaki nude!)

My favourites from these are:
Seduction: if you're a fan of rusty shades like Kylie's Ginger or Huda's Trendsetter, you'll love this one.
French Maid: this is the shade I had my eye on when I saw NYX US post the new shades and its a beautiful mauve in reality but with flash can look more on the lilac-y side on me.
Cabaret Show: I absolutely adore this shade, it's the one I've been reaching to the most since I got these new shades and feel this will suit pretty much every skin and lip tone.
Bustier: slightly on the lighter side of mauves I usually go for, but I feel I can still get away with wearing this shade alone.
Cashmere Silk: even though it's described as a "midtone beige" I'd say it has the perfect mix of pink and brown undertones in it to make it a perfect description of the actual word "nude"!

These are more on the moussey side of liquid lipsticks which I generally prefer for my lip texture as I find they are less likely to crack in the lines of my lips.
I'd rate them an average comfort level on the lips; they feel like you have lipstick on but not as dry feeling as other liquid lipsticks.

Most shades dried completely to a dry/powder feeling finish, so that when I press my lips together I felt no tackiness, however, some left a slightly sticky feel after they had fully dried, but pressing the lips together didn't make the lipstick transfer from one lip to the other as with the Huda liquid lipsticks (review here).

I'd recommend to apply as thin as possible to avoid a stickier feeling as it's pretty pigmented and thick in texture anyway so you can afford to spread the product out a bit more thinly.

I generally find that the drier feeling lipsticks last longer so it's worth noting this if you're more into comfortable lipsticks and not fussed about longevity.

Still no nice sweet smell like the Soft Matte Lip Creams or most other liquid lipsticks - they still have more of a paint smell.

Again, these don't budge; out of the liquid lipsticks I've tried so far from both high and low end, these are probably second long lasting which is amazing considering the price point.
I can go most of the day wearing this with barely any need to touch up even after eating/kissing my boisterous preschooler.

Price: £6.50 at Boots here or £7 direct from the NYX UK website or of course now Cult Beauty too!

Overall rating
I have to say, compared to the first 12 shades available, where I only really liked Ruffle Trim, Exotic and Bedtime Flirt best for my lip tone and personal nude preference, I feel like there are more options for me and WOC in this extended range of shades πŸ™ŒπŸ½ πŸ™ŒπŸΎπŸ™ŒπŸΏ
So now there really IS a nude for every skin AND lip tone πŸŽ‰
The rating is still a solid 4.5 due to the slight consistency discrepancy (?!)
They're still an affordable amazing long lasting liquid lipstick in 24 shades now so you can't go wrong!

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  1. Yaay these look awesome on ur skin tone😍😍

    1. Thank you Rahma! I definitely think there's more wearable shades in these new additional shades for my skin/lip tone πŸ™ŒπŸ½

  2. I love the lip lingeries and I have to say seduction is my favourite! Thanks for going into so much depth! Definitely think i'll be buying! Great post once again Safiyah xx

    Amina xx |

    1. Aw thanks Amina, and for appreciating the length of this post haha!

      Yesss Seduction is definitely a beaut shade for around our skin and lip tone, especially for Spring/Summer I reckon ♥️ xx

  3. Cabaret show and confident are def my favourite colours outbof the lot! They look great on you def will be buying some!

    1. Aww thanks for commenting, I definitely love Cabaret Show probably the first as an everyday shade, or Seduction on the sunnier days!
      Confident isn't usually a colour I'd wear but I know it will be popular for people who love plummy shades πŸ™ŒπŸ½

  4. They look amazing but the one that stands out to me the most is after hours 😍😍
    I need that!!
    Currently I'm loving their beauty mark mixed with Kylie Ginger!

    ibreathemakeup |

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