Review: Xen-Tan Dark Lotion Absolute Luxe

Sunday 14 October 2012

Product 5 of the TFWOC series is by Xen-Tan - the Dark Lotion Absolute Luxe.
This product is a caramel/coffee-like colour and spreads on my skin invisibly:
I applied it to my right arm only and compared it to my left arm:
The tan is very natural looking and looks like I've just been on holiday - perfect!

Packaging: The packaging is dark brown metallic with gold writing and certainly looks "luxe". The instructions and ingredients are very clear which I like.
Finish: Lotion.
Texture: Creamy caramel/coffee coloured lotion that settles in skin when spread with the hand.
Key Ingredients/Facts: Paraben free with Green Tea extract (antioxidants for aging) and Shea Butter for nourishing the skin.
Application: After the usual routine, the Absolute Luxe lotion can be applied with the hands or a mitt to the face and body; I applied it with a glove as I didn't want to with my hand, but I found it emulsified, so I used my hand to blend in and washed it straight away! 

As the tan was practically invisible once blended in, I couldn't see where I was applying and ended up with a bit of streaking.
Smell: The scent is described on the packaging as "Vanilla scent" however when I applied the product all I smelled was the tan smell. Once dried on the skin however, the tan smell was not as obvious (almost completely gone unless you inhale your arm!) which was quite impressive as I was sceptical about their "scent secure" claim.
Who this would be perfect for: I think this product leaves a lovely natural looking tan, very like the tan I usually get when I go on holiday! I'd recommend it predominantly for darker skin tones as I think it would be too big a colour difference in very pale/fair skin tones, even though I find it to be more of an olive tan than orange which is great.  FrootiFactor: I have to say I quite like this product a lot, my husband even commented at how nice it looked so that's a plus point! The downside is that it left streaking as it blended into my skin tone when applying. I give this product a 4.5 out of 5:

The Dark Lotion Absolute Luxe can be bought from the Xen-Tan website for £33.99.

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Have you used any Xen-Tan products before? Which tanning products do you like?


  1. Your results are great! xx

  2. I'm happy that your results look so nice an natural, you look healthy

  3. Such gorgeous results. Love it xo

  4. Great review! That really looks natural. Too bad of the smell. I'm looking for fake tan without the fake tan smell, but it seems impossible to find it!


    1. It's true! But look out for my Vita Liberata review, there's practically no smell =O x

  5. This looks stunning on you! This one was my favourite and I will definitely be repurchasing xo


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