Sunday Swatches: Huda Beauty Liquid Matte Minis - Red Edition

Sunday, 12 March 2017

Here's the fourth and final part in my Huda Swatch Series (for now at least), unless another mini lip set is released!

I actually borrowed this Red Edition set from a friend who bought it when it was released before all the other sets last year, as I wasn't fussed about red lipsticks; I rarely wear a red lip these days and knew the nude sets were going to be released later.

Read on to find out what I think about the Huda Beauty Red Edition liquid matte minis!


top: natural light, bottom: with flash
Swatch Video:
You can find my main thoughts of these liquid lipsticks in the first part of this Huda Beauty series; I've written a full review here in my Nude Edition post.
I will however talk about the individual shades and any inconsistencies in this Red Edition.

The Red Edition, like the Pink Edition, has three normal matte lipsticks and a metallic shade "Showgirl", which I immediately thought wouldn't suit me, just like with the Pink Edition's metallic "Socialite". Here's my review:

Colour & Pigmentation: 
As mentioned in the Nude Edition review, the pigmentation is mostly good but some of the Huda lipsticks seem to apply more patchy/streaky than others.

Shades included in this set as described on shophudabeauty website:
Heartbreaker: "a man-eating pink red" (pink red)
Material Girl: "fierce plum" (purpley plum)
Showgirl: "lascivious metallic red" (not sure about that word but a christmassy metallic red)
Famous: "effortlessly chic burgundy" (burgundy)

Colour wise, I liked Heartbreaker and Famous the best. 
Heartbreaker is definitely a pinky red which personally I've been a fan of in my bright lipstick wearing days.
Famous is a lovely burgundy shade that would look great in Autumn looks and themes.

I would have loved Material Girl better if it wasn't so patchy to apply but I feel like this particular purple shade in most brands (from Urban Decay to MAC even) is always patchy; and stains your lips a bright pink shade once taken off (which I don't mind so much!)

Least favourite: Showgirl because as mentioned in the Pink Edition post, I'm not a fan of metallics/glosses on my lips, although this was less sheer than Socialite so didn't need two layers and certainly dried down to a semi matte finish (Socialite didn't dry down).

Overall, I'd say this set is wearable for most skintones who are into a statement lip (and don't mind the metallic shade). I would have preferred to see Cheerleader in this set instead of the metallic shade but nevermind!

The price for this Nude Edition set was £33 HERE; which works out £8.25 each (1.9ml), compared to a full size 5ml for £18

Overall rating:
Minis are always a good way to try a variety of colours in one brand as you can't always tell online.
As mentioned above, this set in particular would have been much better if the shade Cheerleader was in it instead of the metallic.. there should have just been a metallic mini set separately.
I give this set a 2.5 as the liquids don't last as long as I'd like them to, despite them probably being the most comfortable liquid lipstick out there.

As mentioned in the Nude Edition post, I'd recommend the Huda sets for those who hate the feeling of normal liquid lipsticks but don't mind a slightly sticky feeling when pressing the lips together or a less long lasting lipstick.
The shade range in general is perfect for someone around my skintone and lip tone as they're all very wearable for once for me (aside from the metallic shades obviously).

If the finish of some of the patchier shades were more consistent and they lasted much longer without transfer from one lip to the other in some shades, they'd be perfect!
I think the sets would be good for make up artists who need a variety of shades in their kit or for bloggers who create makeup looks and then immediately wipe the makeup off 😅

Do you have any sets? 
Which is your favourite set or single shade?

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