Sunday Swatches: Huda Beauty Liquid Matte Minis - Pink Edition

Sunday, 26 February 2017

Third up in my series of swatch posts (and videos!) is the Huda Beauty Liquid Matte Minis - Pink Edition
Read on for my thoughts and swatches on this set!

Swatch Video
Again, I won't be repeating myself much in this Huda Beauty series as I've written most of the full review in my Nude Edition post.
I will however talk about the individual shades and any inconsistencies.

The Pink Edition has three normal matte lipsticks and a metallic shade "Socialite", which I thought would have been better replaced by "Muse" from her range. Anyway, here's my review:

Colour & Pigmentation: 
As mentioned in the Nude Edition review, the pigmentation is mostly good but some of the Huda lipsticks seem to apply more patchy/streaky than others.

Shades included in this set as described on shophudabeauty website:
Gossip Gurl: "everyday cute pink" (I'd describe as a barbie pink)
Trophy Wife: "all-time rose wood" (mauvey pink)
Icon: "elegant reddish pink" (very similar to Trendsetter)
Socialite: "glitzy rose gold" (metallic pink gold)

Colour wise, I liked Trophy Wife and Icon the best. 
Trophy Wife is more along the lines of my usual mauvey pink but was disappointing in pigmentation as I felt it was more on the sheer side compared to Icon/Gossip Gurl.
Icon swatched on my hand looked very similar to Trendsetter, just a tad darker.

Whilst Gossip Gurl made me feel fabulously girly, it felt too barbie-ish for me! 

Least favourite: Socialite because a) I'm not a fan of metallics/glosses on my lips and b) it was so sheer it definitely needed two layers and barely dried to allow me to apply two layers!

Overall, I'd say this set is wearable for most if not all skintones who are into pink (and don't mind the metallic shade).

The price for this Nude Edition set was £33 HERE; which works out £8.25 each (1.9ml), compared to a full size 5ml for £18

Overall rating:
Minis are always a good way to try a variety of colours in one brand as you can't always tell online.
This particular set would have been much better if the shade Muse was in it instead of the metallic.. it just felt a bit random in there when there could have just been a metallic mini set.
I give this set a 2 unfortunately as I felt a bit let down by the shade range and the consistency of my particular Trophy Wife:
Which is your favourite shade or set?
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  1. Hi- loved your review. I’m trying very hard to find dupe for icon liquid lipstick in mullet formula, as liquid lipstick don’t suit me, please help me find a dupe, Thank you.


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