Sunday Swatches: Kylie Cosmetics Holiday Edition Set

Sunday 15 January 2017

Hi my lovelies!

So as my second most popular post for a while has been of the Kylie Birthday Edition swatches, I figured it would probably be good to include more swatches so you guys can gauge which suit darker lips and which don't.

I'm not going to give an in depth review as I have already done so in the original Birthday Edition post linked above, but I will say that this Holiday Edition set seems to be more comfortable to wear which I will elaborate on further in this post.

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Kylie Cosmetics Holiday Edition Liquid Lipsticks Swatches Video:
Packaging: Apparently "infused with diamond powder" (compared to the Birthday Edition infused with gold), this set comes in limited edition silver packaging as well as the other Holiday exclusive products.

Colour & Pigmentation: 
I'd say the pigmentation is again at a medium level for a matte liquid lipstick; the texture is thinner than the "moussey" type liquid lipsticks I usually prefer but not as "watery" or thin as the Birthday edition set. 

Shades included in this set as described on KylieCosmetics site:
Moon: taupe-y nude
Ginger: warm terracotta brown
Kristen: "warm brown berry" but I'd say a more pink-strawberry colour
Angel: warm pinky nude
Love Bite: rich plum brown
Vixen: blackened vampy plum

Colour wise, my favourites are: Ginger, Angel and Kristen (which was also available in the Birthday Edition). At first I thought Angel would be too light for my skintone but it's actually the shade I thought Posie K would be; a warm pink nude.
Ginger is absolutely beautiful and a lovely rusty shade that flatters most skintones I would imagine.

Least favourites: Moon because it's too cool toned for my dark lips and I felt like it looked almost greyish/deathly on me.
Also wasn't keen on Vixen as it applies slightly patchy and is too dark for my liking (as was the case with Leo from the Birthday Edition).

Longevity: I've only really tested Ginger for longevity in this set and found it to be a lot more satisfactory than what I expected as I absolutely didn't like the cracking texture from the last set.
Ginger lasted at least around 3 hours, including eating and drinking somewhat carefully.

Price: The price for this Holiday Edition set was around £42; I'm not sure why it was £8 more than the Birthday Edition, but it didn't incur customs charges, so maybe that's why. Some of the shades in this set are available as singles or lip kits at

Overall rating:
I really did prefer this set in terms of texture as it was less thinner than the Birthday Edition liquid lipsticks, therefore less uncomfortable and crackable (if that's even a word?!). 
I just wish Merry was included instead of Vixen in this set as the last set had a similar dark maroon-y shade but neither has had a true red like Merry or Mary Jo K unfortunately.. maybe the next set Kylie?
I'd give this set a 4:

Kylie's released a fair few shades now, which is your favourite?
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  1. So gorgeous, I have yet to jump on the matte liquid lipstick bandwagon but these shades are gorgeous :)
    Thanks for sharing your favourites
    xo, Yasmin

    1. Thank you for stopping by, and oh my god, finding the right matte liquid lipstick shade and texture is mind boggling, so I hope these posts help! xx


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