Sunday Swatches: L'Oreal Matte Addiction Lipsticks

Sunday 8 October 2017

So after my #MatteAddiction campaign at the beginning of this year, I was sent the full 16 Matte Addiction lipsticks in an unexpected lush package that I knew I needed to swatch for my YouTube channel asap!

As you guys may know already if you read my personal blog post about the campaign earlier this year, my shade in the campaign is 633 Moka Chic which is a perfect nude pink for my skintone and pigmented lips (watch it in action on my YouTube here and here).

So many of you lovely followers sent me pictures on instagram/twitter/facebook of your Moka Chic purchases, which really meant a lot to me 💗

The support has been unreal, I'm glad you guys loved my shade and after receiving this package a lot of you requested a swatch post and video, so after months of editing the video on and off, here it is!

Please do have a read of my little explanation of skintone and liptone in my blog post here before you read on, as my lip swatches may look very different to how they would look on you, so please bear this in mind!

Out of the 16 shades sent I'd say only one isn't WOC/dark lip friendly and that is shade 103 Blush In A Rush.
My shade (633 Moka Chic) is just about olive skin/dark lip friendly but may also be a tad too light for deeper skintones/darker lips.
Here are all 16 shades swatched in daylight on my arm and with flash photography on my lips in the collage:

Swatch Video


The packaging is quite sleek and expensive looking; soft matte black leather look with a gold trim at the middle with the L'Oreal logo which opens up to a full gold casing that houses the bullet lipstick.

Colour & Pigmentation 
These lipsticks are "packed with pure pigments" so pigmentation is definitely there, aside from a minority of shades that seemed to swatch a bit more sheer (101 Candy Stiletto103 Blush In A Rush & 900 Midnight In Paris).

Here's the full list of shades with their lipstick numbers:

633 Moka Chic nude cool pink
640 Erotique nude warm pink
636 Mahogany Studs nude medium pink-brown
634 Greige Perfecto nude greige brown
103 Blush In A Rush light pink
104 Strike A Rose bright warm pink
101 Candy Stiletto bright cool pink
241 Pink-A-Porter bright coral
227 Hype bright orange
346 Scarlet Silhouette bright orange red
347 Haute Rouge blue toned red
348 Brick Vintage muted brick/orange toned red
349 Paris Cherry muted blue toned dark red
463 Plum Tuxedo bright magenta
430 Mon Jules berry red
900 Midnight In Paris navy

My favourites from these are:
633 Moka Chic (obvs), 640 Erotique, 636 Mahogany Studs, 634 Greige Perfecto
Summer brights:
241 Pink-A-Porter, 227 Hype
Statement red/berry lips:
347 Haute Rouge, 349 Paris Cherry, 430 Mon Jules

The texture is creamy and goes on very easily for a "matte" lipstick, no tugging with any of the lipsticks as they're formulated with Camellia and Jojoba oils, so they're also really comfortable to wear.

I wouldn't say they're a completely matte lipstick, more of a soft matte satin finish. They're probably the most comfortable, non-drying "matte" lipstick you'll find. 
In my swatch video they look shinier because I rubbed my lips with a wipe which inevitably exfoliated every last bit of dry skin by the 16th lipstick, meaning the lipstick looks shinier as the swatches progress!

I personally smell a rose scent with these lipsticks although some people online have claimed they smell like their grandmas lipsticks lol.

These aren't in the slightest transfer proof and easily rub off so no kissing my son when I'm wearing these!
If no kissing or eating is involved these would last pretty long, I'd say around 4/5 hours with no top up.

At £6.99 each they're pretty affordable and available at Boots here or Superdrug here.

Overall rating
Overall I'd say the Matte Addiction lipsticks offer a pretty good selection of shades for most skintones (there should be a pink or red for every skintone at least!) and I like that the formula is suuuuper comfortable.
Longevity-wise it's not one I pick up if I know my son's going to want to touch my face or want lots of kisses, but I do love to wear my shade Moka Chic with MAC's Soar lipliner fairly regularly, especially if I'm going out and have time to top up my lippy, so I'd give these lipsticks a 4:

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Have you tried these lipsticks? Which is your favourite shade?
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  1. Moka Chic is one of my faves. It's the kind of shade that suits a lot of people.

  2. Looking forward to watching the video!

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