Urban Decay Newbies SS13 - Swatches & Review

Monday 11 February 2013

Following my last post about the two new Oz palettes, I thought I'd do a review on the Theodora and Naked Flushed palettes. 

Naked Flushed Palette

In all my excitement for the new Oz palettes, I almost forgot that the Flushed palette was being released too. Luckily for me I managed to get my hands on one before it was released and I have to say it doesn't disappoint!
Continuing the theme of the "Naked" range, the Flushed palette consists of a bronzer and blush separated by a shimmery highlight.
The bronzer reminds me of my favourite bronzer by UD (Toasted) but seems more sheer to wear; great for lighter complexions! It's on the orangey-brown side though so really fair complexions should probably use with a much lighter hand.
The blush is more of a rose-colour but has the tiniest hint of coral; or mixed with the bronzer, the coral is more prominent. It's more pigmented than the bronzer.
The highlight is gorgeous, but super pigmented so I'd use it very lightly, I'm pretty sure it's the colour Sin (eyeshadow/eye primer) but in a highlighting format. Either way, I've used Sin as a highlighting colour on most complexions and find it works beautifully.

The current Urban Decay bronzers are priced at £20 each and the cream blushers and cream highlighter in Sin are both £18 each, so a palette that holds all three products in one is pretty nifty rather than reaching for 3 different products, or handy for travelling.

FrootiFactor: The Naked Flushed palette is one of my new favourite cheek products to use, so expect to see it in future makeup looks! I'd give it a 4.5 out of 5 as the only thing I can fault it on is the blendability of the blush:
The Flushed palette is available at Debenhams and House of Fraser stores as well as their online counterparts, but also at HQhair.com and LookFantastic.

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Theodora Palette

L-R; Top: Broken, Beware, Bewitch
Bottom: West, Spell, Jealous, with Zero eye pencil and Theodora SSLC
Broken – pale cream satin
Beware – warm brown matte
Bewitch – dark charcoal brown satin
West – deep metallic brown shimmer
Spell – 2 shades in 1: black satin with green and gold shimmer/gold metallic with tonal glitter
Jealous – 2 shades in 1: pale green pearl/dark green pearl

The palette comes with 5 full sized eye shadows (RRP £14 each) as opposed to the smaller sized eyeshadows that come in other ready made palettes. The difference with these are that they're mostly new eyeshadow colours, with magical names and also two 2-in-1 shadows that cannot be bought singularly.
The SSLC is F-Bomb but named Theodora with the Oz logo (I swatched both F-Bomb and "Theodora" below to make sure!).
As you can see, the most pigmented are the gold colour from the Spell duo and West. The shadow that looks like its the least pigmented is Bewitch.
As with all palettes/sets, they work out better value for money; the Theodora palette alone is worth around £105 in total - £14 x6 eyeshadows, £14 for a full size SSLC and around £7 for half a normal sized eye pencil (usually £14).

FrootiFactor: I'd give it a 4 out of 5 as I always love a limited edition palette, think it's great value for money when you think about how much each individual product costs and also the fact that the quality is pretty much still the same!

The palette is priced at £35 and available from Debenhams and House of Fraser online and in stores.



  1. The bronzer looks a bit orangish on my monitor. I don't know that I would use it as a bronzer. Most likely as a blush.

    1. Oh no! It is slightly on the orange side, check other blogger's/official Urban Decay pictures for more accuracy coz I'm using a new picture editor, so it may be distorting the true colours =S

      Depending on your skin tone I'd say it could be used as both a bronzer or blush, but for my NC35-40 skin tone its definitely a bronzer! x

  2. I want to buy the Naked Flushed Palette. Gah.

    1. I knew you'd love the Flushed.. it's so pretty and so you! <3

  3. Replies
    1. It's so gorgeous I want to use it/swatch it every time I look at it! <3


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