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Monday, 18 June 2012

Hey guys!

As you may or may not know I've been away on holiday (to Dubai again!) so apologies for the lack of posts! I'll be doing a collage of pictures from Instagram that I've posted of the holiday so you can see the lovely sunny scenes I enjoyed whilst there.

I've also been busy with organising party and bridal makeup/makeovers and in this post you'll see a lovely makeover I did for a bride this weekend just gone.

She'd had an awful experience with a bridal trial and it was all very last minute, however she was very very happy with my trial and also how she looked on the day which always makes me happy!
I myself had a very stressful wedding, first with a mess up of my dress that I was suppose to wear, then finding a makeup artist (I felt I'd be too nervous to do it myself on the day!). I ended up going with a great friend and ex-colleague who I knew I could trust with my makeup and was very glad I did as I didn't look like I'd been punched in the face!

I do think it's really important for brides to be happy with their makeup and not just settle for someone because someone else is paying or suggesting the MUA. It's a personal day, so a lot of choices need to be your own or you'd regret it looking back at the pictures!

Anyway, I managed to get a before and after of the bride to add to my portfolio as well as my combined business with my cousin Farah who does henna and hair for Safrah Beauty.

Before (already primed with UDPP + NYX JEP!):

After (with Farah's hair and the brides jewellery):
The classic pose putting on jewellery!
And finally with the dupatta setting:
All in all it was lovely to make a bride feel like a bride and be happy with her makeup on the day; weddings always want to make me want to get dressed up again and be pampered!



  1. Wow, she looks absolutely stunning!

    You did an amazing job. She looks so well put together.

  2. Replies
    1. I used MAC Ruby Woo and UD lip liner in Gash =)

  3. Wow, she looks fabulous! You did an amazing job!

  4. you did fab job! beautiful! xx

  5. She looks beautiful, great job! xx


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