Green Makeup Look

Friday 29 April 2011

Last week I practised a green look on my cousin, but this time using some false lashes I got off ebay a while ago. They usually come in a 10 pack for around 99p on eBay (from China), but in all honesty they're not that great. Last time (click here) I used the Girls Aloud Eylure lashes by Nicola on my cousin, she even commented that they were more comfortable than these ones, but that's expected for 99p!

Anyway, here's what I used for the look:
> Manly 120 palette - greens and gold
> MAC Fluidline Rapidblack
> New CiD Baked Duo Compact
> NYX Makeup Box - peach-pink lip colour (click here)

So here's how it looked:
I used a golden yellow for the inner corners of the eye, followed by a light green over the middle of the eyelid and darker green for the outer wing and lower outer lashline. After applying the false lashes (they get longer towards the outer eye), I used MAC fluidline to fill in any gaps and use it as a topliner. For the cheeks I used a bit of the baked bronzer from the New CiD Baked Duo compact, then more of the blush from the duo. For the lips I used a peach-pink lip colour from the NYX makeup box.

Hope you liked this look, sorry I haven't blogged as frequent as I used to of late!



  1. Woww gorgeous eye makeup as always!!!! Great job <3

  2. Thanks for the make over....again ;D xx

  3. thanks rakhshanda =)

    and anytiiiime farah, as long as you do my henna ;)



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