Asian Bridal-esque makeup look

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Hello my lovelies, so as aforementioned, I did a makeup look on my cousin on Monday night, it was mainly just to practice applying false lashes, but I thought I may as well go the whole hog and make it a full on makeup look, something that would be more suited to the second day of an Asian wedding.
I used:
> Models Own "white pearl" eyeshadow and 
> Manly palette
> Arabic palette, 
> UD 24/7 eyeliner in Zero
> Eylure Girls Aloud lashes in Nicola
> New CID Baked Duo compact
> OCC lip tar in Anime & Feathered
> Red Herring (Debenhams OB) lipgloss - light pink colour

And here's how it looked:
And one Bollywood one, showcasing her henna skills:
There's a hint of brown with the pink, an unlikely pair of colours, but very common in asian thread and beadworks for some reason!
What dyu think of the colours? Would you like to see other colour combinations?



  1. I like this colour combination. Deffo seen it used on asian brides. LOVE.

    I'd like to see more bridal looks girl! xo

  2. aww thank you babe! I'm practicing a lot whilst working on a counter, but loving all this makeup I'm surrounded by!

    I'll defo do more bridal looks as I need to practice for friends' weddings, so stay tuned! xx


  3. Love how the lip tars turned out mixed together! Very Pretty!

  4. oi youuuuu! I missed you woman! I love pink and brown together, this looks friggin GOOD! your cousin looks a bit like you :) hope you're well me ickle samosa lol xxx

  5. Gaaah i've been here man, as hubby says 'it's political' or is it peak? and street slang ain't been in touch for a while.

    I've just been at home making stuff and working my little busniess brain lol je suis prettyful, it's my little business! lol It's my handmade accessories etc I have too many ideas but I can't touch anymore funds until i've made some money back..long lol

    woweeee yeah I read about your makeup course, well done bebeh!! And congrats on the new job :D is it makeup related? I wish you every success inshallah me ickle samosa lol

    mashallah a new bab babz! Is he/she born yet? Or is it the last few stressful weeks? Send your cousin my congrats for me :)

    Hope all's well at the frooti household! big hugs..big up yuself na mahn haha xxxxx

  6. OMG!!! You're sooo talented...gorgeous makeup <3

  7. Beautiful look! I love the way the shadow is blended n lipstick color goes perfect

  8. Aww, she looked soo pretty with those pink shaded eyes

  9. Thank you my lovelies!
    My cousin defo loved it, so smiles all round =D


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