Sunday Swatches: Fenty Beauty Stunna Lip Paint - Uncensored

Sunday 24 December 2017

After the popularity of my Fenty Beauty Pro Filtr and Matchstix Trio posts, you guys wanted me to swatch and review the Stunna Lip Paint; usually I wouldn't just review one shade alone, so you know a lipstick has to be pretty special to have a blog post all of its own these days on my blog!

Of course when the Stunna Lip Paint was released I was dyinggg to get my hands on it to review but wanted to check it in person at Harvey Nichols first as not every red lipstick suits me despite it being described as a "universal red" and I wasn't willing to wait in a queue in this cold. So when it turned up in the post from their PR I was over the moon and knew I wanted to get it on my lips ASAP.

Now I don't generally wear red lipstick these days but seeing as it's a more wearable colour in this festive season, I thought I'd wear red a bit more to test it out; read on to see what I think of "Uncensored"...

Arm Swatches
middle two swatches swatched lightly to see how it looks faded/undertones
comparison to other red shade lipsticks: top to bottom: Fenty Uncensored, Smashbox Bawse, Beauty Bakerie Mon Cherie, MAC Ruby Woo & Russian Red

There's no denying the Fenty Beauty packaging is distinctive with its polygonal hexagon and octagon designed packaging (fun fact, the same designers created the H&M hexagonal products and Ariana Grande's geometric looking perfume bottle).
This particular product oozes luxury compared to the Galaxy collection lipsticks and deserves to be displayed proudly on any dresser with with its rose gold lid and visible red "paint"I actually thought it was a nail polish the first time I spotted a leaked preview of this product as it's unusual for a liquid lipstick to be in this format.

The applicator is a doe foot wand, but in a very unique curvy design with a rounded tip. Usually my preference is a more precise tip so that if I don't use lipliner, I can use the tip to carve out my (not so defined) cupids bow. This applicator does allow you to somehow create precise lines but I decided to use a small lip brush for extra precision around the edge of my mouth in the pictures in this post.
I feel like there's a slight suction to keep some product in the bottle without spilling out when the wand is removed, but enough is on the applicator to do a full lip, even if you have thicker/fuller lips, which is great.

The colour is described as a "universal red" and the reason I was unsure was because in some pictures on IG it looked more like an orangey red (which I feel isn't very flattering on me) and in others it looked like a cool toned red.

Of course with my dark lip dilemma, I had to see for myself and it's odd because it really does look like a blue based red sometimes (mostly in natural lighting) and sometimes more orange toned (with flash) - see arm swatches above.
Overall I'd say the blue-pink toned parts show through more than the orange/warmer red tones.

Shade Comparisons
Initially I thought maybe it would be like MAC's Ruby Woo due to the bright blue-pink undertones that I could see in the lighter swatches on my arm and also the corners of my lip where the product was slightly more sheer - I mean she did collaborate with MAC for Riri Woo before, so it would make sense however Ruby/Riri Woo is a lot brighter and I'd say if anything it's closer to MAC Russian Red (see above for shade comparison picture).

I swatched it alongside other similar looking reds and found the closest in shade match/dupe that I have is the Smashbox Always On liquid lipstick in "Bawse".

Pigmentation is full on however I felt it was slightly sheer on my top lip as I can see a bit of the shadow from my dark lip when I wear it.
The formula initially is suuuuper wet and liquidy, not moussey or dry like others I usually prefer. It reminded me of my favourite longest lasting liquid lipsticks by Beauty Bakerie but isn't as long lasting or transfer proof as you will see!

These liquid lipsticks dry matte with an ever-so-slight sheen (a bit like a traditional matte bullet lipstick) and has a slight stickiness but overall very comfortable to wear.
I feel like it does dry slightly darker than when first applied but not majorly like some other brands.

No particular scent.

Fenty Beauty claim the lipstick gives 12 hours wear and initially when I tested the lipstick and ate twice with it, it held true and surprisingly didn't transfer to my chin which usually happens with stickier/less drying formulas.

The next times I wore the lipstick however, I did notice the lipstick fading faster than before as I was eating oilier meals, however it does leave enough colour on the lips for it to not look too washed out; nothing a top up can't fix.

In terms of transfer, this lipstick is not transfer proof. In other words, you will find a nice red lip print on your coffee cup/burger/partner's white shirt/child. So you do have to be careful where you place your lips.

I'd say this Uncensored lip paint can last up to 6 hours+ without major need of a top up. Pairing with a lip liner or dusting with powder could increase it.

The price of the Stunna Lip Paint is £19 for 4ml and is cheaper per ml compared to Stila liquid lipsticks (3ml) but pricier than Beauty Bakerie (5ml) - both of which are £16 per lipstick.
It's not cheap but is justifiable as a gift for yourself or someone else as it's so darned pretty and distinctive.
Available at Harvey Nichols in the UK, Sephora or directly at the Fenty Beauty website worldwide.

Overall rating
My number one factor when giving an overall rating is longevity/transfer resistance as I can't afford to have my lipstick transfer on my sons face/clothing when hugging/kissing so usually I rate drier formulas higher for this reason.
In this case, I'm going to have to knock off a whole lipstick for the fact that it isn't transfer resistant at all (I can literally kiss my son 10 times and it would most likely transfer every time!).
However, despite the transfer/less drying formula, it lasts exceptionally long, so it redeems itself there (maybe because it is a red shade); I'd like to see how any future shades last in comparison (please release some dark-lip friendly nudes Fenty!!)

It is a stunning product, if it were on display it would look on the level of a Louboutin lipstick but with less than half the price tag of course. I give it an overall 3.5 out of 5:

Do you have this Stunna Lip Paint? If not, is it on your wishlist?
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  1. I love your swatches🙌🏼🙌🏼Such a gorgeous shade😍😍I would probably pass on this one as I’m not a red lipstick fan! Even tho I have ruby woo and Russian red😭 but never wore any🙈🙈

    1. Try this.
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  2. Replies
    1. Try you will sure love this.
      FENTY BEAUTY BY RIHANNA Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer is the ultimate, gotta-have-it lip gloss with explosive shine that feels as good as it looks in one universal rose nude shade.
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  3. FENTY BEAUTY BY RIHANNA Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer is the ultimate, gotta-have-it lip gloss with explosive shine that feels as good as it looks in one universal rose nude shade.
    Fenty Beauty By Rihana

  4. Comparing the Smashbox Bawse and Fenty Uncensored, which do you recommend? Which of these two aren't as drying and is truly a universal red?

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