Saturday Skincare: Thirsty Skin

Saturday 3 June 2017

Since my last skincare post, my routine has changed considerably; mainly because it was very basic (you'll know if you caught my Instagram Live a couple months ago!) and also because I've received a fair few new skincare products through PR packages, so I've been giving them a whirl and thought I'd share my new routine/suggested products for this month of fasting when our skin is most likely lacking in hydration!

I try to wear 
even more minimal makeup in Ramadan than I usually do because I like to use it as a detox monthand focus my saved time elsewhere either spiritually or at least focussing more on skincare.

I've followed the Spend/Save theme as before where I could below, suggesting both affordable and high end options for you to check out if you're feeling spendy.

Read on to see what steps I'd recommend for parched skin; some of these are suitable for combination to oily skin types too of course ๐Ÿ’—
Sheet Masks - from £1+
So usually when my skin is feeling dry I go for a sheet mask as they usually contain serums in them that I can rub into my skin after I take the mask off for super hydrated skin.
I have a plethora of masks thanks to my friends who have recently travelled to places like Japan and Malaysia.. as well as Sephora in Dubai.
As there's so many sheet masks available now, if you're looking for hydration I'd suggest finding one with hyaluronic acid or if you're feeling brave then a snail mask (I have tried these too and they're amazing!)
I recently tried a Tony Moly Avocado sheet mask too (gifted by my mate who knows I love avocados so much) and it felt pretty great on the skin too although I much prefer eating avocados and am sure the benefits for my skin are better when consumed ๐Ÿค”

GlamGlow ThirstyMud - £14-39
If you're feeling spendy or are really into skincare, then the GlamGlow range will be like a playground for you.
The name of this one says it all really, if you have dry/thirsty skin (or have had your skin dried out by acne treatments) then the ThirstyMud will help replenish your skins hydration instantly. I'm slowly working my way through the GlamGlow masks and will eventually report back on all of them here, but when I popped into the GlamGlow pop up shop I gave them all a whirl on the back of my hand and loved the coconut scent of this one.. not to mention my super hydrated hand lol.

Chemical Exfoliation / Peel
Nip + Fab Extreme Glycolic Pads - £7.45 (currently £5 here)
If you read my toning pads blog post last year, you'll know that I absolutely loved the Bee Sting Fix pads; I still use these when I notice lines appear on my forehead when my skin must be dehydrated, so I would recommend these pads if you feel like your skin needs some plumping. 
Since then, I took advantage of a Nip+Fab offer at Superdrug and got the Extreme Glycolic Pads for when I'm feeling lazy and feel like my skin needs to be decongested.
I'd use this about once a week max as I don't like to over use exfoliants as it can aggravate the skin.
The Body Shop Youth Liquid Peel - £18
Part of the Drops of Youth range, I was sent this along with the new Youth Fresh Emulsion (further below in this post) and was actually eyeing up the Drops of Light version of this Liquid Peel before I received this.
I'd tested the Drops of Light one in store and was waiting for my birthday reward to come through before I was going to buy but then this one came and I was excited to see the same (gross) peeling effect. (FYI there's also a Vitamin C Peel too).

I'm still unsure as to whether its actually dead skin peeling off or the product drying and then peeling off, but either way my skin feels fresh and clean.
Takes a good massage to get off properly and can get quite messy as the peel is sticky to wash off but again, when I feel I've used a lot of makeup products in the week and want to decongest my skin, I'd use this once a week too.

Mechanical Exfoliation / Cleansing
Mechanical Exfoliation
L'Oreal Pure Clay Glow Scrub - £5.99 (currently £3.95 here)
I don't actually own any high end cleansers/scrubs (my previous simple routine only consisted of using a L'Oreal Skin Perfection micro exfoliator.. now seemingly discontinued!) so when I was sent the new L'Oreal Pure Clay washes, I was looking forward to seeing which would suit me best.
As I am now more combination skin, I like to use this scrub once a month (I chemical exfoliate more often) and I tend to only use it on my cheeks along with the Purity (green) wash on my t-zone as I feel it mattifies best out of the three washes.
Nip+Fab Glycolic Cleanser£7.95 (currently £3.97 here)
I got this along with the Extreme Glycolic pads above at Superdrug and use this mainly as an everyday cleanser unless the weather looks like it's sweltering (then I'll use the L'Oreal Purity Wash to mattify). What I like about this cleanser is the fact my skin doesn't feel too stripped/matte after use even though it contains glycolic acid. It also has olive oil in it which I assume leaves the comfortable feeling.
Rose Water - 79p!!!!
If you did catch my Instagram Live on the topic skincare, you would have seen me mention this suuuuuper cheap toner option that I've been using for months now as a gentler/everyday toner.
Sure it smells like an elderly lady but I recently took it to a good friend of mine in hospital and she was amazed at how her skin felt. 
I use this pretty much every day as I feel it's the most gentlest and hydrating toner of the three I have.
I picked up the TRS version in my local Asian shop (decantered into the small spritzer above) so I wouldn't spend any more than a pound but Boots have an organic Botanics Toning Spritz (£4) with Rose Water if you'd prefer something less kitchen cupboard-y.

Pixi Glow Tonic - £10-18
Another Glycolic Acid product (can you tell I'm a fan?), again I use this sparingly when my skin feels a bit congested and usually after the Nip+Fab cleanser as it doesn't make my skin feel too stripped.
I do also use a Lush Tea Tree Toner Water (£4.75-8.95) when I have a mini outbreak of spots so I use these three "toners" on rotation based on my skin needs.

Nip+Fab Dragons Blood Hyaluronic Shot - £25 (currently £12.45 here)
If you don't already know, Hyaluronic Acid can attract up to 1000 times its weight in water, which is why it's such a popular ingredient in hydrating type products.
This was sent to me last year and I use it mainly at night when my skin needs a bit of a moisture boost but sometimes during the day when it's feeling dry e.g. after the L'Oreal Purity wash.
You can mix it with your moisturiser or even foundation if you feel like a foundation is too matte.

The Body Shop Intensely Revitalising Facial Oil - £30-38
Part of the Oils of Life range, I got this earlier this year when they had their random sale on everything including Oils of Life, Expert Facial Masks and more (I raved about the sale enough on my IG so be sure to follow me if you're not already!)
I actually got it as part of this set which made it better value for money although I haven't used the cream yet and am unsure if I will or just gift it.

As my skin is combination oily, I only use this after I use a deep cleansing face mask like The Body Shop Himalayan Mask or GlamGlow mask in my last skincare post, which I use roughly once a week or once every two weeks.
It makes my skin feel suuuuper silky and I like to leave it overnight so the oils work their magic and make my skin feel plump by the morning.

In order of affordability, I've picked three moisturisers from ones I've been trying of late. All three have been sent to me and I tend to change up my moisturiser every couple months depending on my skin type/concern anyway so these are the ones I'm trying at the mo.
I also use a high SPF in Summer (i.e. now), you can read about these here.
L'Oreal Hydra Genius - £9.99 (currently £6.65 here)
This one is the one of the most recent ones I've received and have tried it a couple times since, so all I can offer is a first impressions like I do on my Instagram story.
What I like best about this is how fast it absorbs, there's not a sheen to the face (which can translate to greasy in a couple hours) which means it is perfect for hydrating oily skin types too (although there is a Hydra Genius for Combination skin too).
It has really hydrating ingredients: both Aloe Water and Hyaluronic Acid.
It does have a strong aftershave-y kind of scent and doesn't contain SPF so that's something to consider if you're thinking of trying it.
The Body Shop Youth Fresh Emulsion - £22
Again, part of the Drops of Youth range, I received this last month and have been using it every day since and love how my skin feels plump immediately and looks dewy; I feel confident enough to go out without foundation/highlight and still look glowy (on non hot days mind you!)
It contains SPF 20 which is nice for an everyday moisturiser and has "nature's anti pollutant" ingredients in it (Thyme and Buddleia extracts) which apparently help protect against pollution and hydrate the skin. 
The smell is really pleasant/fresh and not overpowering at all which I like too, but powdering is needed if its a sweltering day.

Perricone MD Cold Plasma - £129
Admittedly, this one is way out of my budget, however when I was offered one to try I thought.. why not?
It claims to counteract 10 signs of ageing including loss of elasticity, radiance, smoothness, redness, texture and more.. it's their cult product that delivers a "supercharged shot of nutrition" so I figured it would be perfect for this month when my skin will be lacking nutrition during the day lol.

It's still early days as I only received it recently, but from what I've tried so far I can tell you this: my skin looks and feels plump immediately, doesn't look over dewy but hydrated and almost cushiony soft to the touch. I noticed a small red spot I had did look significantly less red the next morning but then I'd need to get more spots to test this further!

It does have a slight smell to it (reminds me of cod liver oil that I avoided in childhood), but that's because of the special DMAE ingredient which is supposedly why the product is so effective, so if you've got a sensitive nose, this won't be for you.
I use mine at night so that the smell isn't as noticeable and also so that any potent ingredients can work with the natural repair system of the body when sleeping. It also doesn't contain SPF so it's best used at night in my opinion.

Facial Mist
Mario Badescu Facial Spray - £7-12
You can of course just use the kitchen cupboard rosewater as suggested above, but if you're going to wear makeup and bake, I tend to find this Mario Badescu Facial Spray helps set my makeup better and also smells better than the TRS one I have lol.

Caudalie Beauty Elixir - £12-32
Back in my retail working days, this would be a best seller for Caudalie and I never understood why as I wasn't overly fussed about skincare and was busy loitering around the Urban Decay counter most of the time.
But fast forward 7 odd years and I got gifted this by a friend who said it's a real good all rounder; toner, facial mist or setting spray.
It does kind of have a tingling feeling to it but I realised that it has organic balm mint included in the ingredients which explains the tingling.

Boiron Homeoplasmine - £5.50-13.95
In Ramadan I tend to try and steer away from wearing liquid lipsticks as I feel they accentuate any dryness of the lips and also just in case I eat away at it.
My skincare friend Sam got me this Homeoplasmine from France which I imagine was even cheaper there as it's like the French version of Vaseline but better.
It's multi purpose like Elizabeth Arden's 8 hour cream but has no scent and is less oily.. more matte even.
What I like best about it is this matter finish (I'm not overly fond of glosses) and also the fact my lips feel comfortably soft and hydrated and not dependant on more of this product like they usually feel with Vaseline alone.
I've linked Guru Makeup Emporium above, but at £13.95 I wouldn't personally buy it, so I scoured eBay and found it at £5.50 here.

Perricone MD No Lipstick Lipstick - £25
Again I was sent a trio gift set of this "no lipstick lipstick" and have actually been wearing it everyday for a wash of colour on my lips if I'm going to the shops or even stay and play sessions.
It's got SPF 15 in it which is fab too but again it's the non-dependant feeling that I love best about it; lips stay comfortably hydrated and when rubbed off I don't feel the need to reapply.
I also like using lipbalms usually to rehydrate/top up dried up or faded liquid lipsticks, so this is perfect for that as they're slightly tinted too.

So there you have it.

My current skincare routine, with the addition of all these new products in the space of a year or so.. I'm really getting more and more into skincare as I get older so I'd love to know what your favourites are and why!

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  1. I'm loving useing the Lancรดme genefique serum underneath mositeriser atm it feels amazing also a good cleanser to make skint feel soft liquid laser by alpha h is amazing, love your blog ๐Ÿ’•

  2. Definitely the nip and fab glycolic pads. Got them in the sale once and they're definitely my go to product as they make my skin feel clean and like it can breathe for once (after all the gunk I put on it!)

  3. I've actually slacked on skincare massively and really need to get back into it since hospital. So right now it's the rose water spray you gave me! Cheap and cheerful and so convenient as I can spray it before bed and doesn't require any effort! x

  4. I have the oils of life set on your recommendation when it was on offer... Literally brings my skin back to life...and the Himalayan clay mask is my holy grail of skin masks so far

  5. I love the Alpha h liquid gold! It really is gold!!! Gets rid of all skin pigmentation and scars! Also really softens the skin. Its so easy to use! Literally apply after cleansing on alternate days and viola!! I am so impressed with what it has done for my skin!! I always make sure to use a sunscreen with it as it is a glycolic acid so it can increase skin sensitivity. It is also widely available so that is a bonus! Much love xxxx

  6. I love the nip+fab glycolic facial cleanser and can't live without the pixi glow tonic toner and use it religiously. It evens out my skin tone and actually reduced my crease lines.

  7. I have too many skincare items I love ! I've recebtly been loving the pixi glow mist. Its perfect to freshen up your makeup or if you want that dewy look to your skin!

    Amina xx |

  8. After seeing your blog post on the body shop himalayan mask, I went in to the body shop got some and I absolutely love what it does to my skin. And then I got sucked into buying the The Body Shop Intensely Revitalising Facial Oil as it looked pretty to me. I use it before going to bed and I love how my skin feels plump when I wake up in the morning. Love your tips and blog posts. Keep up the good work. I am a fan. <3

  9. After reading this, I really want to try the body shop facial oil, it seems like it work wonders. My favourite product is the mario badescu hydrating mist as it hydrates my skin; it works fabulously especially considering I've got dry and sensitive skin.

  10. I am really liking the body shop tea tree mattifying lotion. It has become part of my everyday prep before makeup. Even though i have combination/dry skin it leaves me with a flawless base.

  11. After reading your blog post I went and purchased the body shop intensely revitalising facial oil. It has done wonder to my skin especially during this month of Ramadan where we lack water. Has kept my skin super hydrated and plump. Thank you X x

  12. I recently purchased the Dudu Osun african black soap! It's so perfect for my acne prone skin. It's made of all natural ingredients such as pure honey and aloe vera. I really needed something to rescue my face. It doesn't dry my skin out in the slightest and it's totally inexpensive. Winner!
    Neelam Dhansey xx

  13. I love L'Oreal Pure Clay and use rose water after moisturising abd use it as a setting spray to set my mkup

  14. My favourite is the body shop beauty oil leaves my skin super soft after a deep cleansing mask (Himalayan charcoal mask ) which is my holy grail or any other mask ๐Ÿ˜The body shop revitalising oil is so good and will leave ur skin like a baby bottom ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿป๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿป

  15. I love the kiehls ultra facial cream! Its so lightweightt and super hydrating! I have also recently purhased 'bio oil' as i have heard so many great things! I would love to know your thoughts��

  16. I am a superfan of rose water! As a toner, as a mist for hot days and perfect for puffy eyes. ;)

  17. I have started using body shops youth liquid peel. I was sceptical that it was just a fad at first, but the improvement in my skin texture and brightness speaks for itself. I did a double cleanse to test it to see if it was just the product itself balling up however with the second wash there was not as much of the product that had done so and over time I get less and less product that balls up, thus less dead skin on my face. I have also started using the ordinary products (alpha arbutin, niacinamide and the buffet) my skin is at its best at the age of 27. The pigmentation around my mouth is not as bad and my pores appear less visible. Amazing products at amazing prices. I highly recommend.

  18. One of my favourite skin care products is the Lush Dark angels scrub. It contains avocado oil, rhassoul mud and charcoal. skin feels amazingly smooth and gets rid of all the dead skin. Ultraband cleanser- from lush again - mainly use it when I have had make up on as it is great to get products off and give a smooth finish. The body shop himalayan mask is brilliant especially right after i have used dark angels. end it with oils of life and the moisturiser which I used the discount code that you had on instagram!


  19. My favourite skin care product is the bodyshop tea tree daily solution! I use it before bed everyday and it leaves my skin feeling smooth and spot free!


  20. I love using clay fave masks the origins one is my fav x

  21. Safiyah, this is a *really* helpful post! I remember the days of using Rose Water, haha! Dat shit worked it's magic. Loved witch hazel too for when my skin felt congested.

    My all time favourite skin care product probably has to be Cosrx AHA Whitehead Power Liquid, it's cleared my skin of the milia, it's improved the texture and made my skin look and feel much smoother. It's also affordable!


  22. I absolutely love the nip and fab night time glycolic pads at the moment. They have helped so much with my hyperpigmentation!

  23. Safiyah!!! You know I love your blogposts, being a skincare junkie this one spoke to me in particular I do hope there will be more future ones to look forward to. I love the mario badescu spray too for when I dont feel like the rose water spritz. I'm looking forward to trying the french vaseline you mentioned thanks to the ramadan lips this month. I hope I can find it online somewhere like you did.

    My favourite skincare product atm is the Sunday Riley Flora facial oil mostly because I just got it and it was a birthday present lol. My favourite used to be rosehip oil on its own, this oil contains rosehip too but also has as a cocktail of other oils that my dry and dehydrated skin really loves, especially after a quick wipe with a cotton round dipped in rose water.

    I wish my favourite product was a sunscreen especially with it being summer but I can't find a sunscreen without any drawbacks. Any recommendations?

  24. My favourite skincare item has got to be rose water. It works wonders. Gets rid of everything, spots, blemishes, marks, you name it. Not only that it's so cheap only like £1.

  25. I wish all this information was available when I was a teen, the first time I used moisturiser was in my early 20s! (Shock horror)
    I had oily skin and was prone to frequent breakouts, I thought by using moisturiser or anything on my skin would make it worse. I was exfoliating far too frequently and using harsh face washes followed by no moisturiser. All the while I was stripping my skin of the natural oils and therefore my skin producing excess oil to compensate.
    What I also didnt realise is that even oily skin can be dehydrated.

    So fast forward many years later, at the age of 35, I take much better care of my skin now.
    I currently use Dermalogica, it seemed pricey at first but the products last ages. My prescribed products include the Skin Smoothing cream, Ultracalming mist, special Cleansing gel and Daily Microfoliant. I would highly recommend anyone to try the PreCleanse, its a fabulous oil product that melts away makeup ready to wash off.

    I also use coconut oil on my face before bed and spritz my face regularly with rose water too, especially after doing wudu.

    Safiyah, I love what you do, its so informative and honest. I hope young girls who follow you realise skincare is paramount first, makeup can only look good if theres a healthy base. Keep up the good work xx

  26. I love the L'Orรฉal clay masks as they are easy to use and are very effective. They make my face feel clean and fresh and are very affordable!

  27. My favourite skin care product at the moment is the body shop vitamin c liquid peel. I love how my face feels after using it and it usually leaves a nice glow. Smells great too!

  28. I'm a busy mum of 3 under 5 years old so I have very little time for skincare. But rose water as a toner, and pure coconut oil as a night moisturiser work great for me. And they are both really affordable!

  29. one of my favorite skincare products is the mint julep mask!

  30. There's no tedious green tea leaves to worry about falling off your face with this one; there's only exfoliating loofah particles which don't feel sharp or harsh in any way when massaged in. charcoal mask benefits

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