TBT: Nanshy Eye Brush Set Review

Thursday 5 February 2015

This is kind of a throwback post to when I mentioned Nanshy over a year ago on Instagram; I've been meaning to review these brushes for ages, but I finally got the time to sit down and write it, so here we go!

As a makeup artist, I always get asked what brushes I recommend; if you attended one of my masterclasses, you would have seen I recommended various brushes for specific uses, however if you're looking specifically for eye makeup brushes, I recommend the Nanshy 7 piece Eye Brush Set, and you'll see why below.

The Eye Brush Set 
The set includes 7 cruelty free/vegan eye brushes, made from antibacterial synthetic hairs, which are surprisingly soft.

The brushes in this set include:
  • Large Shader brush - I tend to use this to pat on eyeshadow on the main eyelid, or on the brow bone as it is very dense.
  • Blending Eyeshadow brush - I use this for matte neutrals, on the skin above the crease area.
  • Eye Crease brush - I tend to use darker colours with this brush, in the crease/socket
  • Tapered Crease brush - this is a more dense/concentrated short haired (and less flexible) brush, so I tend to use it either on the outer corner of the eye or on the lower lashline.
  • Flat Definer brush - I use this on the lower lash line
  • Angled Detailer brush - I use this for the brows or can also be used for eyeliner or the lower lash line.
  • Precise Bent Eyeliner brush - I use this with gel liner, or to apply eyelash glue
Packaging: The outer packaging is a standard packed set with a plastic tray that holds the brushes; I initially kept the brushes in the clear plastic tray until I rehoused them with the rest of my brushes.
The actual brushes are fairly sturdy and of high quality.
The blending brushes diffuse and blend eyeshadow beautifully, and the brushes pick up enough product to work with, with no fall out of brush hairs whatsoever.
Having previously worked for Urban Decay, I can say these brushes remind me of the Urban ones (without the metal/heavier handles of course).
The only thing I would probably change is the white colour as it can easily get grubby when switching between brushes, but aside from that, I like that they are labelled on the brush handles; perfect for beginners (or teaching in my masterclass!)

Price: The Eye Brush Set is priced at £29.95 which works out around £4.28 a brush (usually £5.95 each); considering they're a fraction of the price of UD or other similar synthetic brushes, I'd definitely recommend getting the full set.

FrootiFactor: I give these brushes a 4.5 out of 5 for value and quality; the only thing I'd want to change is the handle colours, but hopefully this is something further down the pipeline for Nanshy <3

Nanshy Brushes are available to buy from Nanshy.com.

Have you tried any Nanshy Brushes? What are your favourite brush sets?
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  1. I got one in my goodies bag from your first masterclass. I got the tapered crease brush and I really like it! I use it to smoke out my bottom eyeliner and to add definition in the corners. Really good brush and very easy to clean too! xx

    1. oh yes! Its defo great for smudging under the eyes and highlighting inner corners too.. so many uses <3 xx

  2. I wasn't sure of the brushes at first but after using the large shader brush (which I got at your masterclass) I have to say I'm pretty impressed with the quality. :)

    1. Aw, yeah I'm always sceptical trying new brushes too (I hate fall out!) so I'm pretty happy with these considering the price point =) x

  3. Thanks for this wonderful post. You can also try best quality professional eyeshadow brush set at affordable prices.


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