Sunday Swatches: Motives Cosmetics Eyeshadows

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Following my last two makeup look posts using Motives cosmetics, I thought I'd post my first instalment of swatches so you guys can see for yourself the quality of the brand.
I received a 46 eyeshadow palette which is not available to buy (yet), but each shadow is available individually. 
eyeshadows with flash
eyeshadows without flash
Below are the swatches line by line starting with the golds (all without primer):

Packaging: The palette is fairly heavy and durable with a clear glass front; nice and handy for a makeup artist or professional who wants to see all the single eyeshadow colours in one go. The glass door snaps shut magnetically and each shadow is in a metal pan which slots into the hole slots in the palette. These hole slots have little magnets inside to hold them in so you don't need to worry about them slipping out, unless you need to replace (or check the eyeshadow name) in which case there is a hole to fit a finger through and simply push out the shadow.

Colour & Pigmentation:
As you can see from the above swatches, the pigmentation is generally high in quality. The least pigmented shades were the more matte shades and some glittery shades, where I had to swatch twice to get the best colour. The most pigmented and creamy eyeshadow was Sweet Plum which glided on beautifully and is a gorgeous colour.

Texture: The shimmery shadows are generally creamy in texture; though the matte shades aren't as creamy, they are by no means chalky.

Longevity: The shadows hold fairly well without primer, but they don't stain like cheaper shadows do so you know they're good quality. A good primer would hold them for ages!

Price: At £12 each they're around the same price as a good quality brand like MAC and Urban Decay and in honesty I'm rarely impressed by eyeshadows these days as nothing compares to my Urban Decay shadows. However! I like that these shadows have good colour payoff and the fact that this palette is so easily accessible, so I think I will be using them a lot more either for me or for clients!

FrootiFactor: Overall I'd give the palette a 5/5 because it's perfect for a makeup artist; the eyeshadows themselves would get a 4-5 (5 for the shimmery shades, 4 for the matte ones), so I'll say 4.5 overall:

And there you have it! Motives cosmetics are available to buy at their online website which is slightly limited compared to the US site due to UK mineral cosmetics restrictions, but most of the products are available here too.
Do let me know if you have any other swatch requests from the brand and if I have the product I'd be more than happy to provide the swatch.

Have you heard of Motives or tried any of their products?


  1. You know I never heard of Motives until you instagrammed a photo of the products you got.

    *hurtles to the website for a stalking session*


    1. haha aww I'm glad I was introduced to the brand by Loren, pretty amazing stuff especially for MUAs or those wanting to find their perfect shade =D xx

  2. OMG that is a gorgeous palette! Love all the colors! I've tried a few Motives products and so far I've only heard good things from the brand. If you have Motives lipsticks, I would love to see the swatches! I have a couple and they are fantastic.

    1. I do indeed have some lipsticks that I will swatch next, thank you for the request and keep an eye out for them!

      I'm pretty impressed about Motives as I didn't expect the quality to be that high in all honesty! xx

  3. I'm loving the golds and browns! Im drawn to 'Pink Gold' and 'Toast!'

  4. Great makeup shades for eyes.


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