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Tuesday 24 January 2012

[picture heavy post!]
After my last FOTD I had a lot of people asking me which colour I used on my lips (the nude-pink) which I had sneakily used for the look as I love it so much!
I thought I'd use that as an opportunity to blog about the upcoming Spring UD products that they so kindly sent me along with the Naked2 which is also being released in stores at the same time - 6th February 2012.

First up:
Super Saturated High Gloss Lip Colors (or SSLC as I call it!)
The colour I used on my lips for the last smokey look was Lovechild a pale pink (no glitter). I love these two new shades that UD have added to their range of SSLCs, the others were definitely for the more daring, the only less daring colour being F-Bomb (bright red) (see swatches here). Lovechild & Apocalypse however are much more wearable, both without glitter and Apocalypse being a deep berry colour.
The new colours will remain at £14 each along with the other shades available in the SSLC range.

Primer Potion Duo Set
I spotted these about two weeks ago in Debenhams Oxford Street and was glad that my two favourite (and most used) PPs were in a set together. As you may know, I use UDPP (original) for almost every makeup look.. and Sin I use on my lazy days when I can't be bothered to wear eyeshadow but want to look like I am. Both are amazing shades that suit a lot of (if not all) skin tones and as you must know by now, they really do work at making your eyeshadow pop and last, crease-free.
The SA said it was £22 which means that if you use both like me, then buying this set would save you £7 rather than buying them individually for £14.50 each.

24/7 Concealer Pencils
This new launch excited me a lot.. I'm a fan of the current concealer pencils as they give great coverage and apply lovely and smooth. My normal shade is NSA (the darkest shade) however when I came back from holiday last year I had to make do with my MAC NC30-35 as NSA was way too light for me. Thankfully, Urban Decay have finally extended their concealer shades to match their darker foundation shades. I always wondered why their concealers were always light whilst their foundations were great for ethnic/yellow/red toned skin!
The packaging has also been updated (no more light purple, but instead a gorgeous deep purple!)
The new shades include (in shade order): ATF (golden beige), DOD (warm tan), KGB (golden caramel) & MI6 (deepest cocoa). 
The swatches of all the concealers sent to me are here; CIA (the lightest shade) was not sent, but it's a very pale ivory shade, almost white looking!
These concealers will still be £12 which is great as they are handy to carry around for touch ups and as a MUA I like that it's hygienic (no fingers dipped in pots.. can be sharpened!)

24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencils
Urban Decay have again listened to their fans for this one; fans didn't like the packaging of the primers so they changed it. Then after releasing Perversion eyeliner in their 15 year anniversary set last year, fans everywhere (including me!) asked Urban Decay to release it by itself.. and they have, along with two other shades!
For those of you who don't know, the 24/7 eye pencils are one of UD's best sellers; long lasting, waterproof and smudge-proof smooth eye colours make it one of the best selling eyeliners and it actually works!
Perversion is a pure matte black (blacker than Zero) and seriously lasts long (longer than the others in my opinion!). My pencil up until now from the anniversary set has been used for special occasions/looks only, but now I can freely use it!
Demolition is another matte pencil - dark brown, darker than Bourbon for those wondering!
Woodstock is a bright fuschia pink shimmery pencil, but I don't see it suiting me as a topliner.. I will however try it with my pink glitter liner (Catfight) but I'm not usually a fan of pink on the eyes, so I don't see it selling that well! 
I think UD could release a 24/7 eye pencil in a similar colour to their eyeshadow pencil Delinquent (a pure deep purple) which is a favourite of mine rather than the purples available in the liner range. 
All pencils are priced at £13 and will continue to be when these new shades are released in less than 2 weeks.

Pocket Rocket Lip Glosses
These are UD's lipglosses that fit nicely in pockets without any bumps and pheromones in the ink. I've never been too keen on them myself coz the "creme brulee" scent and their somewhat sticky consistency.. and like their honey scented products you either love it or hate it and unfortunately I'm not a fan.
The colours however are amazing, so I tend to ignore the smell if I'm using them!
Two new shades have been added to the collection (£13 each); Rashad (light dusty rose) and Dustin (nude with sparkle and shimmer).
Lush Lash Mascara
Another mascara has been added to Urban Decay's mascara boutique, the Lush Lash mascara. Like the Lush Lash system, this mascara is supposed to enhance lashes by nourishing, thickening and lengthening lashes rather than damage them like normal mascaras. This mascara is also somewhat waterproof even though it's not labelled so.
The Lush Lash system was quite amazing as it did lengthen my lashes (and help grow my brows!) but as for thickening, it only did it after about 5 weeks of continuous use. 
I found the Lush Lash mascara to be lengthening, but not so much thickening.
The brush looked amazing so I was expecting great things but unfortunately I wasn't too impressed.. I would like to see if the mascara does work on improving the condition of my lashes as everyday mascaras I use make my lashes feel weaker, but as it doesn't give me the thickening effect I want, I'll just stick to using the Lush Lash system.
The packaging is lovely though, purple so of course I'd love it! 
The mascara is £15 like all the other mascaras available by Urban Decay.

So there you have it! All of these will be available by February 6th (less than two weeks!) so those of you who were loving that Lovechild SSLC, now you know when it's available!

My personal favourites were the SSLCs and the release of Perversion liner as a permanent pencil.

Urban Decay products are available to buy from Debenhams and House of Fraser stores or online at beautybay.com, hqhair.com and lookfantastic.com

Which of these from the Spring collection has excited you most? Will you be buying anything?



  1. Those high gloss lip sticks look great and Woodstock pencil liner looks amazing!!

    This Brunette Speaks

  2. I really need to get myself the original primer potion. I have Sin and like you, I use it when I dont have time to do a full look

  3. I love Apocolypse (spelled it wrong but oh well!), it's my kinda colour. And those Pocket Rockets are hilarious, I want to know more of the names!


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