Beware of fakes!

Saturday 12 November 2011

To those of you looking for a bargain online, you may come across amazingly cheap knockoffs online of more premium brands.

I made the mistake of buying a "MAC" limited edition eyeshadow set, but if you think it's too good to be true, then it probably is, as I found out later. Knockoffs may look like the real deal but the quality of makeup is unparalleled. 
There's nothing wrong with buying cheaper products, I'm not a snob or anything, the 120 palette has every colour you could ever want for a bargain of a price. But in terms of pigmentation, it obviously doesn't have as much as an UD or MAC product. Plus you wouldn't want to pay a bumped up price for something that would be sold for much cheaper if it didn't have a "brand" name on it.

Accidental Beauty gives a great guide on how to spot MAC fakes, something you may all want to read, for future reference.

Fortunately, MAC products are quite widely available worldwide, but brands like Urban Decay are not.. so obviously fakes have also popped up for this brand, one of the fakes including the infamous Naked palette.

Have a look at this video comparing a fake palette to the real one!
As you can see the real palette has more pigmented lighter colours than the fake palette (I find that's the case with the 120 palette too; the lighter colours aren't as pigmented!)
If you do find a palette for unusually cheap online, you're advised to ask these questions to the seller:
"is this authentic?"
"is this a special LAHERON edition" (THERE IS NO SUCH THING)
"does the primer potion come with this?"
The attention to detail on fakes are amazing, but ultimately if you're going to be buying this for yourself or as a present, there's a difference and I can guarantee the UD one would last you longer.

Anyway, just thought I'd share this with you as we all see amazing products as bloggers and everyone would ultimately like a bargain, but just be wary online especially, as well as in dodgy shops!



  1. This is a fantastic post.

    I would never have known about all these fakes had I not joined Specktra. They have a really good fakes section where you can ask people if something is fake or not and they're always very helpful.

    I didn't realise that they made fakes of the UD Naked palette, I only knew of Benefit and MAC fakes.

    It's easy to say "oh that's fake" once you know what to look for but I know a lot of people who have been stung buying MAC brush sets from ebay.

  2. That's crazy. I love my Naked palette. So glad I bought it. Thanks for this x

  3. Wow I can believe this! It is extremely similar to the real one!

  4. this is a great post!! thanks xx

  5. Wow, I can't believe they've bothered to create fakes of the Naked palette! :|

  6. Wow, that's a new one on me. Didn't know they were full on faking the palettes now. Naughty naughty!

  7. Thank you for the comments girls, just glad I was able to share this with those who may not know about these fakes on the market!

    and yes, it's very naughty!!

  8. Great post - it's so easy to fall in to the trap of buying a fake when searching for a bargain!


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