Sunday Swatches: Top 3 Mascaras

Sunday 4 September 2016

Hi my lovelies!

So this week's Sunday Swatches post (as the title suggests) is about my top 3 mascaras.
I find that mascaras are a very personal thing; therefore it's only right I explain the type of lashes I have and what I also look for in a mascara!

My lashes
I'd say they're of medium health, medium length, medium curl and medium volume all round!
I've worked on clients who have very short and long length lashes, very curly and very straight, and very thick and some with barely any lashes (usually due to over use of lashes/extensions).
So all in all I feel like my lashes are OK, but obviously mascara helps boost them a hell of a lot more.

What I look for
I tend to look for more volumising mascaras so that it gives a false lash effect; if a mascara gives volume AND extra length however, it most likely will become a firm favourite for me.

My favourite mascaras have obviously changed over the years, but currently these stand as my top three and I'll explain further in the rest of the post!

1. L'Oreal Mega Volume Miss Manga
Volumising Factor: 4/5 
This mascara is definitely more of a thickening mascara than length.

Lengthening Factor: 2.5/5
I'd say it gives you a decent amount of length however due to the consistency this takes a bit more time!

Consistency: The consistency is thick and very sticky; not fluid like at all, but for volumising this works perfect. You can however easily apply too much and make the lashes clump, in which case I tend to use a clean mascara wand to brush it out.

Packaging: Thick/bulky packaging with cute pink lid. The wand is slightly weird/tricky to use as it's flexible and almost feels like it can bend off if too much pressure is applied.

Price: At £7.99, this is the cheapest and only "drugstore" mascara of my current top 3 and for this reason I have repurchased it more than once (particularly when Boots or Superdrug do a 3 for 2 offer!)

Overall rating: I'd give this mascara a 3.5/5; some people may not like the sticky consistency but if you're looking for an affordable drugstore mascara that gives you volume, this is definitely worth a try!

2. Too Faced Better Than Sex Waterproof

Volumising Factor: 3/5 
This mascara gives a pretty decent amount of volume for a waterproof mascara!

Lengthening Factor: 3/5
It does give a good amount of length to the lashes with even just one swipe

Consistency: The consistency is more wetter than other mascaras (I tend to find this is the case with most waterproof mascaras). Glides more easily through the lashes, but be careful not to load the mascara wand with too much product or it can clump lashes.

Packaging: Metallic luxe tube, definitely feels pleasurable particularly with the water droplets detailing! I also quite like the curvy hourglass shape of the wand but it can be trickier for smaller eyes as it's quite a big wand.

Price: £19 at Debenhams. This isn't a cheap mascara, however if you have runny eyes or are a bride and you're looking for something that is waterproof that will also give you amazing lashes, this is exactly what you're looking for!

Overall ratingI'd give this mascara a 4 out of 5:

3. MAC In Extreme Dimension 3D
Volumising Factor: 4/5 
This mascara gives a a lot of volume which shocked me as I find plastic/non-bristle type wands give length and don't usually give any volume.

Lengthening Factor: 4.5/5
It gives me a great deal of length, so much so my close friend always comments whenever I wear this and actually purchased it herself. 

Consistency: The consistency is not too wet or dry; it's literally the perfect consistency to apply. 

Packaging: The curved lid gives a sleek finish to this otherwise standard looking mascara. The wand however is where the magic lies; I'm sure one side has shorter plastic bristles than the other, because I tend to find myself twisting/rotating the wand whilst it's on my lashes and it feels like it instantly volumises and lifts my lashes as well as lengthening them.

Price: Again at £19, this is a pricier mascara, but if you find this in a 10% sale online in Debenhams or House of Fraser or John Lewis, it's well worth giving this a try. There's also a waterproof version of this, I may try that next!

Overall ratingI'd give this mascara a 4.5 out of 5 (I probably would give the waterproof version a 5).

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Have you tried any of these? What's your favourite mascara and why?                     
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  1. My friend swears by the Too Faced Better Than Sex and I have to admit her eyelashes are incredible! Really need to try it out!

    1. Yes definitely worth trying out; I get watery eyes sometimes so I was so stoked when they released this waterproof version and wear it on rainy/windy days in particular =D


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