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Friday 16 October 2015

Hi guys!

Apologies I've been MIA, but it has been for good reason as you will see below.

So I was approached by fellow blogger Annie (of Epiphanniea) with her idea of swatching products on different skintones as a sort of point-of-call/encyclopaedia for anyone looking to buy a specific product (for example, a lipstick). 
Of course at first the thought overwhelmed me and I had my reservations, but because this is something I personally would be interested and something I've not yet seen done (other than within own brands like Illamasqua), I was totally sold and knew I wanted to help out.

To be fair it's a pretty big project but so far we're a few shoots in and it seems to be coming together which is pretty amazing!

So what is The Swatch Gallery?
As the name suggests, the general idea is that all the swatches change to reflect your skintone. At the moment the gallery has 8 shades of skintone – you simply ‘Find Your Swatch’ by clicking on the person who reflects your skintone most.
It's still in its early stages and I posted this pic on my Instagram for feedback to which a lot of you pointed out there needs to be another shade or two between 5 and 6 (and as an NC30-35 I agree!)

Once you've picked your shade, you'll be directed to another page with filter suggestions for products you're looking for and of course the swatch pictures as below:

Hopefully as time goes on, Annie can swatch more products on more tones; so far we have worked with products from MAC, Too Faced, L'Oreal Paris and Makeup Revolution, so the range swatched varies from budget beauty to more premium brands. 

Do check out Annie's post explaining the gallery and why she started it here.
You can access The Swatch Gallery directly here.

I do think it's pretty epic and am glad to be a part of this project, what are your thoughts and suggestions?

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  1. What a fantastic idea! Hats off to you ladies for putting it all together and I wish you all the best for it! ^_^
    Iqra |The Blushing Giraffe x


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