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Wednesday 3 June 2015

Hi my lovelies!

Today's special post is another one of my favourite brands that I've been a fan of for years.
Since the days I used to work in Debenhams, Too Faced was a brand that caught my eye when it used to be on a stand with Urban Decay (they now have their own allocated counter spaces thankfully!). 
It was the very girly and pretty packaging that caught my eye back then, and being the girly girl I am, the Too Faced Mood Swing lipgloss (colour changing lipgloss) had me all excitable.
It's a brand that I've always paired with Urban Decay (probably because they shared the stand), but also because Too Faced had very similar products to Urban Decay like the Too Faced Shadow Insurance, their waterproof eyeliners and their pigmented eyeshadows.

Of recent times Too Faced have released some pretty awesome products like the Melted Lipsticks and the Chocolate Bar palette which I sometimes open just to inhale.

This post is semi chocolate related; I was very kindly sent an absolutely amazing Bronzer Wardrobe which features 8 (yes 8!) bronzers and a beautiful Kabuki brush because Too Faced believe there's a bronzer for all occasions, moods and outfits (and I don't disagree either!).
top to bottom: Sun Bunny, Endless Summer, Pink Leopard, Snow Bunny, Beach Bunny, Milk Chocolate Soleil, Chocolate Soleil and Dark Chocolate Soleil
All the gold packaged Too Faced bronzers are included in this wardrobe as well as face charts to create looks and a retractable synthetic Kabuki Brush.
The luxurious and super pretty gold packaging makes me feel like a true princess and the girly pink retractable Kabuki is perfect for on the go bronzing (or keeping little hands out of!).
As you can see all these bronzers laid out is pretty overwhelming, so I've categorised them below so it's easier to understand:

The "Bunny" Bronzers (shimmery): 
Sun Bunny, Beach Bunny and Snow Bunny
Sun Bunny: 
Duo bronzer with slight pink undertone to mimic the flush of a real tan.
Beach Bunny:  
Four golden shades that can be used individually or swirled together.
Snow Bunny
Four luminous shades with pink, bronze and highlighting shades for more of a glow.

The "Chocolate Soleil" Bronzers (matte):
Dark Chocolate Soleil
The newest bronzer Too Faced have released, a darker version of Chocolate Soleil, great for sculpted contouring, creating a more dramatic, deep matte bronzed look, or for darker skintones.
Chocolate Soleil: 
The original of the chocolate bronzers released, smells like chocolate because it's infused with cocoa powder, good for everyday contouring and creating an all-over deep tan.
Milk Chocolate Soleil: 
The lighter version of Chocolate Soleil; creates more of a subtle tan, best for lighter skintones.

Also included are the "Endless Summer" bronzer and the "Pink Leopard" bronzer:
Endless Summer
Formulated to last 16 hours, this stay all day bronzer looks more like a highlighter compared to the others, but actually bronzes my NC30-35 skin ever so slightly, with not as much shimmer as I initially thought would show up.
Pink Leopard
As the name suggests, the bronzer is patterned in a leopard print of 3 colours - a bronzing shade, a pink and a brightening shade.

My favourite so far has to be the Chocolate Soleil (obvs), I'm a fan of sweet smelling things and a chocoholic (hence why I bought the Chocolate Bar palette) so this was going to be an obvious favourite of mine. I also quite like the Endless Summer bronzer as it gives a subtle glow.

Now that I've showed you how awesome this wardrobe is, let me share the bad news first: unfortunately this wardrobe isn't available to buy as a set in the UK, however you can buy each individually (£25 each) from Debenhams (currently on sale with 10% off!).

Altternatively, the ever so cute Little Black Book of Bronzers holds all these bronzers in mini size and is available from the Too Faced website (however shipping and tax charges are added as it will be coming from the US).

You can also enter the lovely Annie's competition where she is giving away the full wardrobe on her blog, enter here.

Have you tried any of these bronzers? What is your favourite Too Faced product?

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  1. I LOVE TWO FACED PALETTES! They are the most beautiful of all make up palettes ever, I have a huge collection of them and I was just going to purchase this set right now on ebay and decided to search for more information through 'Bing' images and came across this, I will be getting one for sure!.

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