Sunday Swatches: House Of GlamDolls GlamBase Wheel and GlamDoll Lipstick

Sunday 1 March 2015

So if you've been following me on Instagram you may have seen me post a pic recently of House Of GlamDolls' GlamBase Wheel and GlamDoll lipstick.
As you saw in the previous makeup look, I've had a chance to play around with the products and thought I'd share the swatches and review on my skintone.

But first, a bit about House Of GlamDolls. 
House Of GlamDolls (HOGD) is a studio space in Islington (London) created for professional makeup activities; not only are they a school/venue, they also have a range of artist products such as the GlamBase Wheel, GlamDoll Lipstick, affordable eyelashes and more.

I was lucky enough to be sent the GlamBase Wheel and GlamDoll lipstick by HOGD creative director Chinyee and have met HOGD Makeup Artist David Horne on several occasions at previous Illamasqua events where he developed amazing products such as the Skin Base/Skin Base Lift, Hydra and Matte Veils amongst more.

So I was most definitely intrigued when I received information about this GlamBase Wheel and was eager to try it out, considering the current craze for contouring! I've also recently discovered the MDMFlow lipsticks and was pleased to receive the HOGD lipstick in "GlamDoll", both of which are swatched below.

GlamBase Wheel
I received the GlamBase Wheel 1 (shade 2 is for darker skintones, probably around NC/NW 40+).

Colour & Pigmentation: The whole wheel consists of cream pigments that have extremely intense colour payoff, so a little goes a long way.
My personal favourites are Illuminate- perfect for that Kim K super highlighted look. I also love that Sculpt 1 is an ashy/taupe contour colour. 
To be fair, I love the whole wheel.
Texture: The texture of this product is really thick and pigmented, and slightly dry. I'd recommend using the fingers to warm the product up a bit so that it doesn't cake up. And most probably use something like HydraVeil underneath if you have dry skin.
Packaging: I was strongly reminded of a concealer wheel I've seen by Kryolan when I saw the packaging! The windowed compact is so handy to grab at a glance, particularly if you're a makeup artist and have both the shades in your kit.
Price: Priced at £25 this complexion enhancer mixing wheel is very reasonably priced (around the same sort of price as the Kryolan concealer wheel).

FrootiFactor: Compared to other similar contouring/highlighting products on the market, I really really like that this one is particularly suitable for my skintone; I feel like all of the shades are usable up until maybe NC/NW40/42, so I love how versatile it is and would definitely recommend it for makeup artists and contour enthusiasts. I give it a 5 out of 5.

GlamDoll Lipstick - MDMFlow
HOGD collaborated with MDMFlow creator Florence to create this exclusive signature hot pink shade in "GlamDoll". 

Colour & Pigmentation: "GlamDoll" is hot pink lipstick and is pretty pigmented (satin).
Texture: The lipstick is available in two textures: Satin (strongly pigmented) and Sheer (glaze).
Packaging: When I first discovered MDMFlow, to be honest I was attracted to the packaging and embossed "MDMFlow" detail on the lipstick bullet. As with all shiny packaging, though it looks pretty, its hard to not get fingerprints on and unfortunately my bullet was snapped at the base so I'll have to use the lipstick with a brush or depot it from the beautiful packaging *cries*.
Longevity: I like that the lipstick leaves a slight stain on the lips, making it seem to last longer.
Scent: No particular scent.
Price: At £18, this lip product is slightly pricey, however if you're attracted to shiny pretty things like me, chances are you'll love adding this to your collection too.

FrootiFactor: I'm glad I got to finally try a MDMFlow lipstick through HOGD no less; aside from the fingerprint issue, the lipstick is a gorgeous pink that I would definitely wear particularly in the Summer or when I want to inject a bit of colour! I give the lipstick a 4.5 out of 5 

All HOGD products are available to buy from the House Of GlamDolls website.
Be sure to check the site out also, for more info and tips on how to use the GlamBase Wheel and of course check out the makeup courses and other classes/events they hold.

What do you think of the House Of GlamDolls GlamBase Wheel? Which product would you buy?
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