Fireworks FOTD look

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

I know bonfire night is over, but I decided to upload a quick "fireworks" look (as Mr frootibeauty called it). I wore it on Sunday to the local fireworks display. It's nothing special, just a bit of eyeliner & glitter with red lipstick and blush.

I wore UD 24/7 eyeliner in Zero, with UD Heavy Metal glitter eyeliner in Distortion, all over the eyelid, finished with Dior Show mascara in black.

I uploaded the pic above as it accentuated the glitter.. the pics I took were in a rush so I didn't get to take proper pics and the glitter didn't show much on the ones I took =(

For the rest of the face, I used MAC concealer & MAC Truth & Light liquid powder, finishing with Illamasqua Hussy blush & a red lipstick I have from Boots' Natural Collection - Crimson.

Here's what it looked like..

I've noticed my skin looks paler when using the MAC Truth & Light, which is a shame, cos it actually has light golden glittery flecks that are really pretty!

Here's a (not so great) pic of the fireworks.. really doesn't do them any justice, they were loooooovely =)



  1. I love this! which glitter did you use? I've been on the hunt for something similar for yonks lol mwah xxx

  2. lol I used UD Heavy Metal eyeliner in "Distortion". Its meant to be a clear glitter that goes on any colour, but the glitter is more green-yellow toned. I just put it all over the eyelid, quite simple but I got out the house faster! xx

  3. Very pretty! I'm all for getting out the house faster ;)

  4. @small town girl - dont we all! (or our partners at least!)

    @communicating beauty - thanks =)

  5. It looks so pretty! another amazing look! x

  6. I love the glitter eye-shadow it makes the look so effortless and clean...
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  7. love the glittery eye shadow

  8. I find it so hard to take a good picture of glitter!!
    Yours looks great!

  9. =) thanks girls!

    @Beauty Addict, I know! It's such a shame coz it looked so much better (as with most glittery looks)!


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