Winning Look

Friday, 12 November 2010

Excuse the pun title, couldn't resist lol!

For this look I used:
> Bare Minerals Get Started Kit
> NYX "lagoon sparkle" single eyeshadow &
> NYX "purple pearl" Ultimate Pearl eyeshadow
> NYX "surreal"  Glitter Cream Palette (far left purple-blue)
> UD "zero" Ink For Eyes
> Eyelash curlers
> L'oreal Telescopic mascara in black
> NYX Diamond Sparkle Lipstick in "sparkling orchid"

To start, I used the Bare Minerals kit:

First I applied the "medium beige" foundation (medium looked too light, you get two in the kit), then I used the All Over Face Colour in "warmth", then applied the concealer "summer bisque" under my eyes (although I think it's too white/light for my colour), followed by the "mineral veil" all over the face. All products are instructed to be applied by three steps: Swirl (the brush), Tap, then Buff on the face. I did as instructed, with the included brushes and actually loved the effect on my skin, as I woke up today with unusually blotchy skin =(
I didn't use the included sample of Bare Minerals face primer this time round, thought I'd save it for when I get a better camera!

For the eyes, after using UDPP I added NYX Lagoon Sparkle to the inner corners of the eyes, followed by Purple Pearl to the middle and outer corners. I then added the NYX purple-blue glitter cream to the outer corners of the eyes (although it's sadly not as visible as it was in real life!). This glitter cream has the glitter on top, whilst the cream is underneath, which was different to work with, but managable!

I used my recently purchased Urban Decay Ink for Eyes in Zero, which went on so smooth, it's the best to apply with out of all of the liners I now own. Colour-wise, it's not as dark as I'd like. I then tried out the L'oreal Telescopic mascara, which I have to say I'm sadly disappointed with. It made my eyelashes look all sparse despite curling them beforehand, and brushing out with a mascara wand. I think the product was too wet than what I'm used to, which spoiled it unfortunately.

Finally I used NYX Diamond Sparkle Lipstick in Sparkling Orchid, which I love; the colour is beautiful, the camera does it no justice! It was very very moisturising, the most moisturising lipstick I've tried to date.

I personally think my skin looks airbrushed with this Bare Minerals, and a little bit tanned, but maybe it's the camera quality that's making it tanned.. I'll defo be trying with a better one soon! Even though I don't wear foundation and tend not to be a fan, I'll be saving this for special occasions/when I have more time!

As for NYX products, I'm pleasantly surprised that the products are lovely to use, I still have the Glitter Liner in "Disco Queen" to use as well as the Powder Blush in "Cinnamon" and the rest of the Glitter Creams =D

Hope this was helpful to those of you interested in either NYX products or Bare Minerals =)



  1. What a lovely lot of winnings, congrats :P That purple is lush, I'm all for the purples ;)

  2. Congratulations!:D

    I like how fun this look is.:D

    ***** Marie *****

  3. Lovely look :) and congratulations


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