Monday, 8 November 2010

For those of you who've seen the Cat Deeley *swishhh* advert, you'll know what that title means lol!

But I just had to blog about their shampoo I'm using at the mo- Pantene Ice Shine Shampoo. I'm not even using the conditioner (coz my hair's coloured & I'd rather use colour conditioner!) but I have to say I'm in love with this shampoo. I don't usually get this excited about shampoo but I noticed my hair was really shiny when I used it, and I don't mean greasy shiny either! My friend came around the other day and she commented on how shiny & soft it was too, so I'm pretty impressed with the results
Excuse the shabby pic, but you can see it's well used (and its a pretty big bottle as well!)


If you see it in your local supermarket, chemist or wherever, I highly recommend it for lovely shiny hair!



  1. This sounds great I shall deffo be giving it a try now!
    Vikki-Gabrielle World Blogspot

  2. see, I saw this and got put off by how clear it is. I always assume that if somethings clear, it's unscented and I can't stand unscented toiletries! what does it smell like? I use the pink elvive shampoo/conditioner and after a year and a half it's not doing it's job no mores :/ It still makes my hair softer and shinier but only at the top near the roots..the rest is still frizzy as feck...not on it lol

  3. no no! it defo smells nice.. I'm pretty sure it smells just like the other Pantene smells and I like them =)

    Lol yea your hair/body gets used to shampoos and creams after a while so I'm not expecting this infatuation to last... hopefully i'll be able to come back to it and see the effects after it's worn off eh?! xx

  4. yeh I hear you, the worst one was the neutrogena grapefruit face wash etc Thank god I didn't post y review a couple of weeks into using it. That son of a cow product turned on me like it was cack! One week my skin feels nice fresh and spot free...two weeks later I've got 3 spots near my eyebrow and about 50 on my chin!! Thank god they were those little whiteheads and disappeared within a few days :/

    I'm doing a review on it soon...and it will be ruthless >:[ xx

  5. loool!! ahaha I don't blame you! aww poor Neutrogena! xx


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