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Friday, 7 January 2011

So here's the post trying the lovely Khuraira products, beware, lots of high res pics!
As a base I used the same as my Garnier post, just Urban Decay Ink for Eyes eyeliner in Zero.
First I'd like to talk about the Age Control Dark Circle Primer (ACDCP).
Here's my eye:
1: without any product under my eye (left eye):
2: with the orange ACDCP:
3: with the ACDCP blended in:
4: MAC concealer on top and Invisible Finishing Powder (IFP):
Here's the number 1 and 4 but of the right eye, and with a mix of the Khuraira Camouflage Concealer (CC) and Age Control Concealer (ACC), with IFP:

I applied one coat of the Lash Conditioning Primer (LCP):
As you can see, the white product is visible, so it's important to use mascara in a zigzag motion to coat each lash (and cover the white), unless of course white lashes is what you're looking for! The texture feels creamy and reminds me of hair conditioner, which is probably what this is intended for!

The Lash Lengthening mascara definitely lengthened my lashes, it's a nice wet texture, although too wet is not usually my favourite type of mascara texture as it tends to clump the lashes. This one doesn't clump my lashes too much, nothing a quick brush out with a mascara brush or comb would take out, so I like the fact that my lashes look longer. My lashes naturally curl up, but I'm of the thinking "the curlier the better" hence why I tend to go for curling mascara and use eyelash curlers. I'm defo thinking of using this mascara in conjunction with eyelash curlers to get double the effect!
Right eye:
Left eye:

The IFP is a great powder compared to what I'm used to as it didn't give much of a creased look under the eyes. Someone once said that if you smile too much you tend to have under eye wrinkles/creases, which unfortunately I do suffer from! In conjunction with under eye circles, it's a nightmare trying to look naturally fresh without getting creases to give you away! This powder definitely helps keep the concealer crease free so I'm happy with it =)
I used the O Naturel lipstick/lipbalm and Brow Fix in the following pictures, a very simple look only adding a bit of blush to finish the natural/simple look.

           Right Side:                                                          Left Side:
I do think my right side (with the Khuraira concealers) is less darker than the left side where I used my usual MAC select moisturecover concealer (NC35). I think this is because the texture of the MAC concealer is thin in comparison to the much thicker Khuraira concealers, which definitely give more coverage. I do have the MAC Studio Finish concealer also (in a pot, solid cream), but I found it too dry, so I think it's better for hotter weather. The Khuraira one in comparison to the Studio Finish concealer is however quite creamy, albeit thick, so I can see myself wearing this in Summer as well as Winter/ colder weather.
The Lipstick is very lightweight and moisturising, and gives a natural sheen to my lips with a tiny hint of colour, so it's something I can see myself carrying around with me in my handbag as an everyday lip product.
I used the browfix in the pictures above, it feels absolutely weightless and almost like I'm not doing anything with the brows, but I tried it this morning with my eyebrows filled in, and it seems to have kept my eyebrows in check for the day!

All in all, these Khuraira products are pretty great, the ACDCP seems to be a great solution to under eye circles for me, I've defo noticed a difference in the darkness/ shadow under my eyes in comparison to not using it.. 

Khuraira are mainly a USA based company, but they do deliver to the UK also, which is great cos I have a feeling the Dark Circle Primer will be making it into my everyday routine from now on along with some of the others!



  1. Great post!!! Your eyes look so beautiful naturally!!!
    Hey check out my new website-

  2. i love your eyes!! what is this Khuraira product?? havent heard this at all but will def. check it out!

  3. Your eyes are so beautiful, and what gorgeous lashes! Thanks for the detailed review.

  4. Aww thank you girls and you're welcome!
    @ Rinz- it's mainly an American brand but they do ship elsewhere and they're meant to be especially good for Asian/Black skintones, so good for me!

    @rakhshanda - ooh nice one! Will defo check it :)


  5. i've never heard of this brand and definitely will check for it now. what eyeliner is that? it's shiny and pretty, just what i'm looking for!

  6. I have been reading about this concealer but can't find it anywhere online. Where can I can buy it?


  7. sorry about the delayed response (socialite dreams), i completely forgot to answer you!

    @socialite dreams, it's UD Ink for Eyes cream eyeliner (in Zero) :)

    @anonynmous, i think it's only available on the Khuraira website atm (, they do ship internationally though! =)



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