Glittery Gold 60s look

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

I've been wanting to do a 60s look for a while now and was inspired by a friend on a makeup counter who regularly does a 60s style, but with different coloured glitter.
I decided to make use of my MUA glitter eyeliner, after Pixiwoo's recommendation here.

I also acquired a Girls Aloud eyelash set in the boxing day sales which was half price (£12). The set included all 5 original Girls Aloud eyelashes, a concealer, eyeliner and blush brush, all in a wrap holder:

Here's a full list if products used:

> UD Ink for Eyes in Zero (sorry forgot to add to pic!)
> UD 24/7 eyeliner in El Dorado
> Barry M eyeliner in White/ 30
> MUA glitter eyeliner in Shade 2 (gold)
> Dior Iconic mascara (for bottom lashes)
> MAC select moisturecover concealer in NC35
> Eylure Girls Aloud false eyelashes in Kimberley
> Sleek blush in Sunrise
> Elf lipgloss in Honey

To start, I lined the bottom waterline with Barry M white eyeliner, followed by UD El Dorado on top of the white. For the top eyelid I used UD Ink for Eyes for a thick top liner, then also drew a line in the crease with the same liner, but not joining the top liner to it, so that it's a single line in the crease only. The crease line can be as thick as you like, but I decided to make it fairly thick for a full on dramatic look. I used the Ink for Eyes very lightly under the white/El Dorado line on the bottom lash line also. I then added the MUA glitter eyeliner in between the top liner and crease line, filling in the full space from inner corner to outer corner of the eyelid. For the lashes I used Dior Iconic for the bottom lashes as its not as big in brush size as the others; for the top lashes I used the Girls Aloud Kimberley lashes.

For the rest of the face I used Sleek Sunrise blush on the cheeks and Elf lipgloss in Honey:



  1. That GA set is gorgeous...and what a bargain!
    You look stunning! Love this look on you.

    Zoe x
    Feel free to take a look at my blog -

  2. OMG this looks SO good! Brigitte bardot eat your heart out! xxx

  3. LOOOVE it! the 60s was such a good time for makeup :)

  4. I absolutely loveeee that look!

  5. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! The way you do your eye make is beautiful!


  6. thank you sooo much my lovelies! It can easily be done and with other colours/glitters too, do try it! =)


  7. this looks sooo cool.kinda reminds me of cleopatra :0) x

  8. omgosh i love this look... gonna copy it ;-) xxx

  9. Aww thanks Sabina, yea it kinda looked ancient Egyptian to me too!
    And can't wait to see it Sami! =D


  10. Love the look, its sexy, awesome, but also just fun! And yes, Cleopatra does come to mind!

  11. Totally lovinggggg this look! Definitely gonna give it a try myself :) xx

  12. WOW this looks amazing! I must have a try! =D

    Ahana xoxo

  13. SO pretty !!!!! I love the black liner on top of the glitter !!!!

    xxx Vee

    ps: I hope I'm not posting too many comments, I like to go through the whole blog everytime I discover a new one that I like !

  14. Lovely look! your eye makeup looks stunning!


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