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Wednesday, 5 January 2011

About 3 weeks ago I got a lovely email asking if I'd like to try some samples of a cosmetics brand called Khuraira, which I had read about on a few blogs and websites, particularly for their "dark circle primer". Of course I said yes and to my delight the products arrived today.. all full size! I was extremely excited that I took pictures straight away, so here's what I received:
Left to right: top: Camouflage Concealer in No. 2 & Invisible Finishing Powder
second line: Lash Conditioning Primer & Lash Lengthening Mascara
third line: Light Age Control Concealer & Age Control Dark Circle Primer
right side: O Naturel lipstick/ lipbalm
bottom: Brow Fix

I'll refer to each product by acronyms for this post and the review post that will follow: Camouflage Concealer = CC,
Invisible Finishing Powder = IFP,
Lash Conditioning Primer = LCP,
Lash Lengthening Mascara = LLM
Age Control Concealer = ACC (in light)
Age Control Dark Circle Primer = ACDCP
Brow Fix = BF

Unfortunately the IFP crumbled in transition so it got everywhere and keeps spilling when I open it, but nothing too big that I can't use it!

So here goes! First, is the CC in No. 2 up close:
This concealer is quite light and slightly more pink toned than yellow, but gives great coverage. Check the swatch below for the colour on my skin.

The ACC is thicker in consistency and a lot more yellow toned, I mixed the two below which blended better to my skin colour. Here's the concealer in the pot:
And swatches alone and together:

I think I prefer the ACC consistency, but we shall see when I use the products on my face in the next post!
Here's the damaged IFP:
I've been wanting a finishing powder, so hope this ones great even though it's scarily white lol!
The LCP is also white in colour and is worn underneath the mascara. I've never used such a product even though I've seen a few in the past, L'oreal comes to mind, but this sounds like a good product for me seeing as I use mascara everyday now!

Here's the Lash Lengthening Mascara, something I don't often favour when curling mascaras are in the picture!
Brow Fix is something I've been meaning to buy, either a wax or wand like this, so I'm really happy I received this and will defo make use of this from now on!
The lipstick looks like a nice light pinky tone, something quite "O-Naturel" and on the website it's under the lipbalm section. Look out for my makeup look with all these products next!

I can't wait to play with these products, thank you so much Khuraira!
The next post should be a makeup look with these products, so look out!

I also have a makeup look and a surprise "makeup" look I did on my cousin, inspired by Avatar the movie.. be prepared!!


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