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Wednesday, 13 April 2011

For those of you who follow my twitter, you may have seen me tweeting about a "Makeup Course". I completed a Pro Makeup Course last week Thursday (2 week Harriet Ellis course), allowing me to officially call myself a Makeup Artist =D
The first day we covered cleansing, toning & moisturising and foundations and concealers, the second day we used blushers and bronzers, third day eyeliner & mascara and natural eye makeup. The second week: lesson 4 we covered smokey eyes, day 5 false eyelashes and day 6 we had a test using everything we'd learnt starting from day 1!
It was a good intense course and we got to practice on a different partner each day, so I got acqainted with a lot of skin types and colours. Prior to this course I wasn't 100% on choosing a foundation and I'd never applied falsies to anyone other than myself, but now I'm super confident and ready to do anyone!

I was really pleased with my test on day 6, I had a lovely girl who was quite conscious about coverage of skin flaws and knew her makeup well, so I was a bit worried about whether I could please her (cos makeup artistry is all about pleasing your clients!)
I managed to outdo myself though, as she was really pleased and kept gushing about how good it looked, so all in all I think that was even better than the certificate we got!!

I couldn't get a before picture as she was very conscious, but I managed to get afters, so here's how it looked!
All in all, I had a great time at the course, learnt some new tips and tricks and now feel even more confident to do any skin type!

I've just started a new job today (Tuesday) so I'm super knackered from travelling (cos its even further than my last job!) but I'll try and blog about a makeup look I did on my cousin on Monday night, lashes and all! =)

Hope you liked this look, I'll try getting round to doing some makeup looks on myself again ;)



  1. Awh This is soo Good! How much did it cost x

  2. Woo congrats on completing the course! Sounds like SO much fun! The make up looks amazing - Good job! xxx

  3. Thank you my lovelies!
    @ PinkSweetSz, it was £480, but I got it at an offer when they were half price so I got a good deal! They do have a 10% deal at the mo though, it's on the Harriet Ellis facebook page =)

    @ Sriya, it really was fun, good up close and getting personal time with fellow makeup lovers hehe =D


  4. well done! makup looks beautiful x

  5. Beautiful makeup you did on her.. congrats on completing your course!

  6. Beautiful makeup hun. I'm currently attending a makeup course classes its great fun cant wait to start up a career in the makeup sector :)

  7. Congratulations! Can't wait to see what other makeup looks you do xx

  8. aww i realy want to do a course aswel but it was with a asian guy who was charging 1500 :(

  9. I'm really interested in doing these courses, do you know how often they do it ? Do you have to bring your own tools ?

    xxx Vee


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