Tuesday Takeover: Tanzina Makeup A To Z

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

It's been an age since I've had Tanzina (Makeup A to Z) guest posting on my blog, 4 years to be exact! 
You can check her last guest post here, where she recreated one of my client party makeup looks.
This time around she'll be reviewing a few red lipsticks that I was sent as red lipsticks are her thanggg and I knew she'd be the best person to review them, especially in this festive month when red is more likely to be worn. Read on to see how stunning she looks in them!

Hi Guys! Thanks for having me here. As Saf has introduced me, my name is Tanzina and I am a fellow blogger who has known Saf for years and years and years. I think I went through my major milestones with Saf as my friend. Okay I am starting to digress and start making this post a personal one rather than a beauty one! Let’s talk lipstick, red lipstick.

When I think of lipstick, I think red. When I am feeling nervous or feel the need to impress for whatever reason, be it date night or an important presentation for work, I reach for red lipstick. It has become a part of my identity, a part of my war paint.  If I had to choose one shade for the rest of my life, it would be red. I’ve tried so many brands of lipsticks but never Armani. Armani lipsticks and their makeup range has been on my radar for a while now, and I think Saf knew that when a range of red lip products from Armani landed hot on her desk. I think I would’ve considered terminating our friendship if she hadn’t let me swatch them – but she went one further and let me try them out and keep them, so I can only repay the favour by telling you all what I thought of them.

The two lipsticks I got to try were from the Rouge Ecstasy range and the Rouge D'Armani range. Both of the shades are called 400, pretty much the same colour in different formulations. I’ll do a quick run through of my thoughts on both and let you know if I managed to pick a favourite.

Giorgio Armani Rouge Ecstasy in 400
I think these lipsticks are cased in the best lipstick case ever, well according to my husband at least. He was so captivated by the magnetic closure of the lid, and I'll be honest I was too. This lipstick is cased in a shiny red case, it feels weighty and luxurious. Full points from me.

In Armani history the colour is called 'The Red'. Apparently Giorgio Armani loved the colour, bought it to his factories and said create a lipstick for me. Since then it has come out in lots of formulations and as you know, I have two of those to share with you today. As a wearer of red lipstick, I will say this is unlike any I have in my collection. It's not as blue and classic as my MAC Ruby Woo, but classic in it's own right nevertheless. It reminds me of a Red Ferrari, and is bright like it too. The Rouge Ecstasy version is a bit pinker than the D'Armani version and a little sheerer too. It is still really pigmented, although I did swipe it a little more on my lip than D'Armani to get a fuller finish. I would call this a more of a day time red for the brave, this isn't sheer enough to be a muted red, but just a little less full on in comparison to the D'Armani 400.

The Feel
It feels really comfortable on the lips, and is glossy and moisturising. I think this is more glossy than the D'Armani version. Give this to me a year ago, and I would've said NO, this is not matte. But nowadays I really do like glossy lips, I think they're making a come back and this a good staple to have in my lip wardrobe. It lasts quite well, but as with all glossy products you will find it wearing out when you eat.

This retails for £29 and you can pick it up here.

Giorgio Armani Rouge D'Armani in 400

This has the same packaging as the previous lipstick, just in black casing this time. I am glad they are in different casings, as they are such similar lipsticks and almost identical in colouring, with the same name, it would be too easy to confuse the two.

The colour is the same shade, but less translucent and it looks richer. I feel the colour in this shade is the perfect red for most skin types, it isn't too much on the blue side nor on the orange. I like my red lipsticks rich and strong (just like my men, haha I joke, too hard to resist) and this is just that.

The Feel
This is less glossier than the previous lipstick, but still lightweight, and super moisturising. Don't worry and chapped lips, this glides over beautifully. It feels luxurious and looks it too, I expected nothing less from Armani Beauty. It lasts a tad longer than the Ecstasy version and also I noticed it stains the lip red which is something I liked. 

This retails for £29 as well and you can pick it up here.

Overall these beauties are just that, really beauties. The packaging is the best packaging I've ever had on a lipstick, they even surpass my rose gold Charlotte Tilbury lipstick packaging. You probably already know which is my favourite, it is of course the Rouge D'Armani in 400. Rich, Bold, Strong, Luxurious - of course it would be my favourite!

Thanks so much for having me here, and Saf for gifting me those beautiful lipsticks. It definitely has made me get the Armani Beauty bug and now I want to try more shades of the Rouge D'Armani lipsticks and definitely pick up the Luminous Silk foundation. I think I will be heading over to a counter in the very near future. If you didn’t get too bored of listening to me, or tired of seeing my face, make sure you do check out my blog [link] to find more reviews and personal posts. I’d also love you to check out my Instagram where I am quite active, it’s @makeupatoz. Cheeky little shout out but had to make the most of all of you guys reading. Hope you have a great day, speak soon, Tanzina x


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