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Thursday, 22 June 2017

By now, if you haven't got your Eid gifts sorted you may be desperate for some inspo, so if stationary isn't their thing, then here are my beauty picks for Eid.
I've started with two brands that have Eid-specific products which I think is amazing and would love to see more brands cater to gifting for Eid time if possible as it does make gift searching a lot more easier!

After these, I've included my favourite beauty products released so far this year (whilst they're still available!), which can also come in handy for some birthday present inspiration.

Usually if I don't know what the person wants for Eid/birthdays, I tend to scour the internet for gift sets which are better value for money as you tend to get more products for the price you pay.. which is always a win.

Read on to see my personal favourites and recommendations this Eid...
Marc Jacobs Limited Edition Deluxe Beauty Set

First up is a luxe product from Marc Jacobs Beauty and especially made for the celebration of Eid which I find amazing from a designer brand.
The set includes 3 of Marc’s must-haves:
  • Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara in Blacquer (my personal favourite)
  • Magic Marc’er Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner in Blacquer
  • Le Marc lip CrΓ¨me (lipstick) in Slow Burn

These products come in a cute patent pouch and the set is worth £56.80 (mascara £22, eyeliner £23, lipstick approx £11.80), but is being sold for a surprisingly affordable price of £35.

Unfortunately it's only exclusive to Harrods in-store, so if you're doing last minute shopping it's definitely worth checking it out, otherwise there's the similarly priced Sofia 5-Piece Petit Le Marc Lip Creme set (£35 here) which is super cute or if you prefer similar products to this then there's the more pricier Effortlessy Irresistible Most Coveted Best Sellers set (£95 here).
The Body Shop Iconic Collection
So I love the fact that The Body shop have a section for Ramadan Gifts which includes the Eid Treats beauty calendar I posted about here, so The Body Shop is clearly a popular gifting choice for Muslim consumers/customers which is fab!

My personal pick for an Eid gift this year is the Iconic Collection which is worth £55 but sold for £40 (or even less if you nab this in store on sale!).
It comes in a similar magnetic open book style packaging as the Eid Treats calendar, but this one has beautifully red-orange-pink jewel tones compared to the blue and gold of the calendar.
It includes a good all round selection of gifts; makeup, skincare and body products including a Strawberry Shower Gel, Vitamin C Skin Reviver, Black Musk EDT, Smoky Black Eye Definer and British Rose EDT.
MAC Eye and Lip Kits

I randomly came across this set of MAC products whilst browsing online a month or two ago and wondered why I'd never heard of it or seen it advertised anywhere as it worked out to be such a bargain.. so much so it worked out cheaper than my 35% pro discount!

The set includes full sizes of an Instacurl Lash mascara (RRP £19.50), a lip liner (RRP £13) and bullet lipstick (RRP £16.50) and I chose the Nude set which included the Boldly Bare lip liner and Honeylove lipstick (both popular nude shades for years).

So as you can see the set is worth £48.50 but is sold for only £29 which is a bargainnnn!

I got my set from John Lewis, however it seems to be sold out there and in House Of Fraser too, but luckily still available at Selfridges here.
There's also a Rose edition (with MAC Brave lipstick), Pink edition (with Candy Yum Yum) Burgundy edition (with Media lipstick) and a Lilac edition (Love & Cherished lipstick).

Benefit Cheek Parade (limited edition)

I got this as a birthday present this year as last year I got the Cheekathon palette and I'd been using that Cheekathon palette religiously every day. The Cheekathon palette was also limited edition and almost identical to this Cheek Parade but no Hoola Lite or Galifornia, so if you missed out on that palette last year, here's another chance to have something similar, if not better. 
I find Benefit blushes aren't super pigmented like other brands, however I prefer that in a blush as I like to wear my blush very lightly, so it stops me from being too heavy handed, especially as I use this palette on a daily basis.
I love that these Benefit cheek palettes include a range of blushes to suit my mood/outfit and now that the new Hoola Lite is in this palette I can build a gradient tan/contoured look.

All cheek products in this palette are full size so the palette is actually worth £122.50, but is sold for £49.50 which I think is a steal for such a handy versatile palette. 

Available directly at Benefit Cosmetics UK site, or various other retailers like John Lewis, Debenhams, Boots etc., whilst stocks last!

Urban Decay Basquiat Blush Palette

I remember seeing the launch of this online and feeling meh about it; whilst the Gold Griot eyeshadow palette looked like it had lovely colours, I have a fair few palettes already with similar tones and the other palette looked too neon for me, so I thought I'd pass on this collection. Til I popped into Selfridges and saw this collection in person and fell in love with the pigmentation especially in this blush palette (check the highlighter swatch, it's sooo buttery and pigmented!), as well as the eyeshadow palette. The other eyeshadow palette was still too neon for me but I knew I needed this blush one in my life and luckily for me, my friend who I was with gifted me it on my birthday.

I'd not really heard of Basquiat but the friend who I was with (who isn't into makeup but is massively into art) was practically swooning over this as the palettes are wall hangable, so I knew it was pretty special after seeing her swoon over any makeup lol.
The palette's packaging are actually a canvas material that the Basquiat designs were printed on, so it is essentially a piece of art you're buying.

I'm glad the blush palette's front design was pretty simple (just a signature Basquiat crown), and like that there's even a small 3D crown on the magnetic opening. It's a good sized palette, big enough to have enough product, small enough to travel with.

The palette is £27 at Selfridges here, however it's currently on sale for £21.60 at John Lewis and Debenhams, so you might want to take advantage of grabbing this piece of art at this amazing price whilst it lasts!
Smashbox Covershot Eyeshadow Palette - Ablaze
I first saw this Ablaze palette at a Smashbox event I attended earlier this year and thought.. I don't need another warm toned palette, even if its amazingly pigmented, so I passed.
Then it began to haunt me the more I saw it online and it was continuously sold out everywhere (even the PRs didn't have any stock!), so when a Smashbox sales advisor informed me she had two palettes left in my local Boots, I made a beeline and used all my saved Boots points for this very worthy treat.

As you can see from the swatches, the pigmentation is amazing, "Torch" literally melted on my arm for these swatches!
I'm so glad I finally got my hands on this as it really is worth it, even though I have similar warm toned palettes like the ABH Modern Renaissance (review/swatches here) and the Huda Beauty Textured palette (here), but none of them have this "buttery" soft texture.

The palette is £24 and available directly at the Smashbox UK site, and Boots (they've misspelled it as "blaze").
So there you have it.. another essay post!
In case you don't get one of these fab beauty products for Eid, Smashbox are allowing me to giveaway an Ablaze Palette to one of my lovely readers!


Safiyah's Smashbox Cover Shot Ablaze Palette Giveaway

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  1. Definitely wanting the Chrissy teigan x becca collab! Why wouldn't anyone want to glow from miles away

  2. The beauty product I curgently really want is the AAnastasia Beverly Hills modern renaissance pallette as the colours in there are honestly the most beautiful things I've ever seen & I've heard amazing reviews, especially about its pigmentation.

  3. Lusting over the Morphe Jaclyn hill Eyeshadow pallette! Sold out within 45minutes in america! Oh and also the Naked Heat!

    1. Same here :) The JH palette looks sooo good. Narzra x

  4. Waiting to get my hands on the urbandecay naked heat palette and the two eye pencils within the collection. I missed out on the early release

  5. Really want the Huda Beauty Textured palette Rose Gold Edition because it comes with 3 different textures (foil-effect, Matt and satin) that are highly pigmented and are totally colours that I would use!

  6. Loved this post. Really well written and some great gift inspiration. I am definitely lusting over Jaclyn Hill's new eyeshadow palette. The colours look so wearable and the pigmentation looks insane. Would love to get my hands on it but the Smashbox palette looks fun to play with too. *hint hint* hehe. Narzra x

  7. I really want the nars foundation. I've heard so many good things about it and aagh it's calling my name

  8. I'm defiantly listing the morphe x Jacqueline (I think I spelt it wrong��) pallet, the colours look so fun to play with and we all know how good morphe shadows are ❤, vanityymakeup x

  9. I really want to try armani louminous foundation after I've seen you rave so much about it that's on my wishlist 😍😍Also the naked heat looks gorgeous ❤️❤️Girl this blog gives me life so much details in here u wont need to a second to think again about a product thanks babes for taking your time and giving us all the details

  10. I would love to get my hands on either the Anastasia Beverly Hills modern renaissance pallette or the sun dipped glow kit. I don't wear full on make on an everyday basis but love getting glammed up for special occasions. The highlighter seems amazing based on swatches I have seen. Great post as always. I always end up buying something after your recommendations!

  11. Huda beauty lip strobes so want to get them as the colours are sooo nice just gives your lips a bold look and they suit all skin types as all the tutorials I have seen they look fab

  12. Currently admiring from a distance the UD naked heat pallette or the Morphe x Jaclyn Hill 😩😍❤️ They both look insane!!

  13. Safiyah I literally want all of these!! I think the Mac sets are such great value for money! Definitely want to stock up on them! You know the Urban Decay blush palette is right up my street weve had conversations on this. The swatches on the smashbox palette are just so pigmented and pretty! I would love any of these for eid! Or my birthday ehich also happens to be in a few months πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ thanks for a great post as always xx

  14. I have been dying to get my hands on Huda Beauty's textured shadow palette, I feel like I could make use out of every colour in that palette and the formula of those shadows look ahmazing - Mahera Dadabhoy

  15. I'm hoping to get my hands on the marc jacobs set (if they still have it in stock!) I'm a sucker for dinky makeup and the case that it comes with looks as though it'll be the perect size for an on-the-go powder and lippy x

  16. I'm hoping to get the Jaclyn hill morphs palette it looks soo good and maybe also the huda lip strobes xx

  17. I am so wanting the Jidda beauty highlighter palettes at the moment. OBSESSED with highlighters and then colours look absolutely lush!

  18. I'm lusting after The Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette, missed it during the flash sale.

  19. The Jaclyn hill x morphe palette and the Anastasia glow kits 😍😍😭😭

  20. Oh my gosh these are ALL so stunning, I feel a mighty NEED for that Urban Decay Blush Palette! And this Smashbox palette is friggin GORGEOUS! I've been lusting after a Christian Louboutin nail polish for yonks, have you seen the bottles? So pretty & they've recently introduced new metallic chromes...NEED!

    Love Aysh xox

  21. I've been dying to find a new BB cream! I've religiously used Missha's BB in 23 but feel like the reliance is too strong. I've yet to find one that works better but I'm not planning on giving up any time soon.

  22. I'm lusting over the Becca x Chrissy Teigen palette. I've been hinting at my cousins to get this as an eid present for me lol

  23. I've been lusting for the Anastasia Beverly Hills modern renaissance pallette. Just in love with the colours.

  24. Really want that urban decay naked heat palette cus I know it'll be fyah��������

  25. i really want the stila maginificent metals liquid eyeshadow but they're always sold out here in Australia ;(((

  26. Currently lusting after the huda beauty lip strobes! They look soo nice and make your lips stand out more and would compliment everyone. Xx

  27. I've been wanting to get my hands on the ABH Modern Renaissance Eyeshadow Palette because I've herd good reviews about it and the colours look amazing!

  28. Naked Heat! I've never seen the appeal of the naked palettes (my sisters have 1&2) but I saw Naked heat and I was drooling! Warm toned palettes are my weakness cos I think I need this one too 😭😭
    Might have to spend my boots points too lol cx

  29. I really want to get the benefit cheek parade, have heard really good reviews about and tested one of my friends. Wiould love to get that and will hopefully soon.

  30. Right now or since it was advertised on instagram. I have been dying to get my hands on the morphe jaclyn hill palette! Sold out and hopefully will be back in stock somewhere!

  31. I'd love to get my hands on the Jaclyn hill morphe palette thoses colours are a bit of me 😍. Also the too face hangover setting spray looks amazing πŸ’•

  32. I love all your posts, so informative, well written and straight to the point. The product that I'm seriously lusting over is the smash-box ablaze palette and reading your review has made me want it even more. The colours are exactly what I love and look as though could be used for day to day looks as well as heavier makeup looks.

  33. I am lusting over the Naked heat palette. I have wanted it for the longest time but haven't been able to get my hands on it. I love Urban Decay shadows!

  34. Currently I'm lustimg after Urban Decays Naked Heat palette! I checked it out after seeing your insta story, its so refreshing to see an intense colourful palette after all the neutral ones!

  35. It would be great to try some 'high end' eyeshadows for a change. I've kind of made do with drugstore ones and still managed to pull off good eye makeup looks but your swatches of this on your insta stories had me lusting!

  36. I love your all posts and you are such a inspiration as your a mother yourself always looking foward to your posts.. am currently in love with UD naked heat pallett and the jaclyn hill morphe pallett ���� chandrika

  37. I always love reading your blog posts! Always really helpful. After reading your post I bought the NYX total control foundation and I am liking it so far! Also wanted to buy some make up brushes but not sure which ones to get from your posts. The item I am truly lusting over is the stila liquid glitter eyeshadows! they look so stunning on the lid and smooth when I have seen them on your make up posts. I have used the urban decay glitter eyeliner and feel like it can be a bit heavy.

  38. Currently Urban Decay Naked Heat is the thing for me, absolutely love love that palette. Great blog post Xx

  39. I'm currently lusting after the ABH Modern Renaissance palette. I know it's kind of old now but I really love the warm tones (as we all do). PS: Love the blog post! I will definitey be looking into these products ♥️

  40. I really want the Tom ford contouring cream as it appears to be the perfect tone for contouring without being too warm

  41. ive been eyeing on naked heat of course and the huda beauty rosegold and 3d highlighter palette! even though im at very amateur stages with makeup, those palettes are really pretty and would be great for indian events hahahh

  42. I am lusting after the Urban Decay Shapeshifter palette, looks amazing .x

  43. I love eyeshadows that are pigmented as you can create whatever you want and it's just releasing your creativity


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