Sunday Swatches: Huda Beauty Liquid Matte Minis - Nude Edition

Sunday 5 February 2017

I'm going to be doing a series of swatch posts (and videos!) featuring Huda Beauty Liquid Matte Minis, as I found it hard to get accurate swatches on Instagram (especially for darker/unfilled lips), so the first in this series is a swatch and review of the Nude Edition set

Up until now, I only owned the full size Bombshell that I used in this tutorial, so now I can add these liquid matte lipsticks to my lip swatches gallery/posts here on the blog and of course my YouTube channel for your reference!

Read on to see what I think of them in my full review.

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Swatch Video:

As with the full size Huda Beauty Liquid matte lipsticks, the minis have the same frosted glass effect bodies and black lid in a square/rectangular shape.. kind of like Chanel lipglosses, as opposed to the standard circle/tube that most liquid lipsticks are packaged in. 
Because of the frosted glass effect it's a bit hard to pick the shade you want just at a glance especially as the Nude Edition all look so similar in shades! 

Colour & Pigmentation: 
Generally, the pigmentation is good throughout most liquid lipsticks; its like a pure liquid pigment for your lips.
Some of the Huda lipsticks did however seem to apply more patchy/streaky than others.

Shades included in this set as described on shophudabeauty website:
Venus: taupe-brown (similar to MAC Taupe)
Bombshell: peachy nude
Flirt: cheeky brown (similar to Dolce K)
Trendsetter: brown nude (I'd describe as a light rust nude)

Colour wise, I liked Venus and Trendsetter best, then Flirt; I thought Venus would be too light for my skintone as it hints more on the peachy side than warm/coppery side like MAC Taupe but I found it somewhat wearable even for my dark lips.

Trendsetter is probably my favourite shade as it's a rusty nude that is like a lighter version of Kylie's Ginger which was my absolute fave (read my review here).
I actually also like Flirt as it went on beautifully and is almost a slightly cooler version of Kylie's Dolce K.

Least favourite: Bombshell because I felt like it's too pink/peachy toned for my dark lips and definitely transferred from one lip to the other; despite the fact I have it full size!! (Another reason why I prefer minis, to try out rather than splurge on a full size that doesn't suit).

Overall though, for those with dark lips/medium skintone like myself, the lightest shades Bombshell and Venus are still very wearable so that's definitely a positive for us medium to dark lip/skin girls!

As with the Kylie liquid lipsticks, the consistency of these lipsticks is liquid-y but I find them the thinnest of liquid lipsticks out there; I'd describe it as applying liquid air/water lipstick on your lips.
I did find that they take the longest to dry, out of all my liquid lipsticks including Kylie and Beauty Bakerie lipsticks with similar liquid-y consistencies. 

Kylie lipsticks are very liquid and a bit thin too but not as thin as these; I feel like thinner liquid-type lipsticks are best suited to those with plumper/smoother textured lips (or lips with fillers!), as they sit right in the lines of those with drier textured lips like me!

As mentioned above, they take the longest to dry which means that they feel slightly tacky/sticky and are not fully transfer proof, but they also don't feel drying as they don't dry completely matte. 
In terms of colour, they stay pretty much true to colour when first applied (not drying down a significant amount darker).

Out of all the "matte" liquid lipsticks I have, these are probably the least long lasting; maybe because of the thinner consistency, but even if I press my lips together I find that some of the lipsticks (e.g. Bombshell) separates and leaves gaps of lipstick missing which is not ideal at all.. so it's not transfer proof for me unfortunately. 
It also ever so slightly cracks on my lips as with the Kylie Birthday Edition set :(

The price for this Nude Edition set was £33 HERE; which works out £8.25 each (1.9ml), compared to a full size 5ml for £18.

Overall rating:
I'm glad Huda released these minis as I personally never really get through full size liquid lipsticks and like a variety to experiment with for makeup looks.
I know everyone goes crazy for Instagram brands and these lipsticks were so sought after, but it's a matter of trial and error. 
This particular set was good in terms of shade range; Huda has some decent selection of nudes in her complete collection of liquid lipsticks and this Nude Edition is actually my favourite out of the four mini sets Huda has released as I'm able to wear all of the nude shades whereas usually the lightest of shades in a set is usually unwearable for my dark lips.
However, the very thin consistency doesn't work well with my lips nor does it last and I absolutely hate that I have to be extra conscious of pressing my lips together for fear of transfer from one lip to the other which is ridiculous when you think about it as most people do press their lips together at least when talking.
You can see an example of the lipstick transferring and leaving gaps in my Huda Rose Gold eye tutorial, I only noticed once I'd started editing the video! :S

So overall I'd give this set a 3:

As I'm a fan of nude lips more so these days, I feel like I will use this set for make up looks, so keep an eye out for those!
As for recommending; I'd recommend this set for those with medium skintones best; the shades are just about nude for my dark lips, so anyone fairer in skintone/lip tone will most probably find these darker on their lips and anyone darker will probably find them too light.
I'd also recommend this for make up artists who need a variety of nudes in their kit or someone who wants a liquid lipstick but who doesn't like drying/thicker lipsticks 💗

Do you have the Huda Beauty Liquid Mattes or Minis? What are your thoughts?

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