Saf's Gift Guide: 10 Rose Gold Beauty Gifts!

Thursday 17 November 2016

So it's that time of year again and this year I am feeling pretty overwhelmed with the amount of cosmetic gifts that are available so I decided to do this Rose Gold one as it's one I've been mentally planning for months! 
The lines are slightly blurred when it comes to the "Rose Gold" tone as some products are marketed "Copper" but are the same tone as other "rose gold" products; either way they both look beaut.
If I get time to write another post before Christmas I will do so, but for now feast your eyes on these pics of rose gold yumminess and read on for more info!
Over the last few years my fondness for rose gold has surprisingly not died down (maybe because I never did own a Michael Kors watch), but either way I have to say the colour does look striking amongst the rest of the items on my beauty desk, so without further ado, let me delve into all the things rose gold that I own and splattered in this pic for gift inspo!

1. Illamasqua Vanitas collection, £22.50-£44, HERE
I've had this Rose Gold Palette for a couple months now and still can't bring myself to use it as the colours look so pretty and I got the ABH Modern Renaissance palette around the same time as this. I have however used my "Wanton" lipstick, (pictured above the palette), and it's a beaut to carry around as well as being a pretty nude lilac-pink matte shade.
The Rose Gold Palette (£44) is currently sold out above, however is still available HERE. The lipsticks in this collection are £22.50 each, so this collection would be great if you want to treat someone special.

2. Model's Own Gilt collection, £7.99-£19.99, HERE
The packaging for the Gilt Collection is what I'd say is a true "rose" gold (pinky metallic gold), so if you're shopping for someone who's very specific about their rose golds, this is the makeup choice to go for!
The collection has lipstick shades in nude, reds and pinks (£7.99) as well as a fairly waterproof kohl-type eyeliner (pictured, £7.99), a face primer (£12.99), a mascara (£7.99) and a palette too which is the most expensive item in this collection at £19.99.
The collection is priced in the mid range affordability and currently 3 for 2, so worth stocking up on for stocking fillers!
3. Esqido lashes + Lash Glue, £10-£30, HERE
When I first received these I was absolutely in love with the packaging and of course of the glue; you know you're living when your lash glue is rose gold and this lush looking but not just that, the glue is strongly rivalling my favourite lash glue of all time which I cannot buy ever again and was sad about (the Motives lash glue).
Alas, Esqido sent me this glue and my dreams are no longer shattered as this glue still remains sticky enough to glue in place once dried and with my type of eye shape, a glue that remains very sticky is highly necessary!

The lashes pictured are "Big City Nights" mink lashes (used in this makeup tutorial) and are $35 (roughly £30) however with the referral link above you can get $5 off and they ship to the UK for free or $5 if under a certain threshold, so you can get the amazing glue for as little as $5 (£4-5) yay!

4. Real Techniques Bold Metals Collection, £19-£22, HERE
Ever since the release of these, more and more rose gold brushes keep cropping up and I do actually have a cheap eBay Real Techniques dupe brush set too, but of course the quality isn't always the same (tarnishing/inconsistent coloured handles etc) and certainly not as weighty as the real brushes, so if you're gifting someone then it's worth the splurge.

The 301 Flat Contour brush (£22) is a super soft face brush which is great for the hollows of the cheek and the other rose gold brush from the Bold Metals collection is also a face brush called the "300 Tapered Blush" brush (£19) which is supposed to be used for blush but I actually really love using for applying highlighter.
Currently on offer as 3 for 2 in the link above.

5. Urban Decay Naked 3 palette, £38.50, HERE
If you read my review and swatches post back in 2013, you'll see just how gorgeously rose tinted the shades are, and also of course my guide to the Naked Palettes and which skintones I recommend this palette for (NW10+ and NC15-35).
The price of the palette has gone up ever so slightly over the last 3 years (£1.50 more to be precise), but the colours in this palette are undoubtedly pretty and definitely worth the price tag, especially as a gift!
6. Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics palette, £38.50, HERE
This newest addition to the Naked collection is one I genuinely am in love with for not just the packaging (I mean just look how mesmerising it is!) but the actual shades too; they're all so beautiful and a nice mix of warm and rosy cool toned mattes (review with swatches to follow at some point very soon, so keep an eye out!).
I did briefly go through this palette's shades on my Snapchat or Instagram story so if you missed it, the shades are all matte with the exception of one highlighting shade and you can see it being used in my latest tutorial HERE
But trust me when I say.. this palette is most likely on most girls gift wishlist this year so it's worth checking out before it sells out!

7. Zoeva Rose Golden Complete Eye Set, £65, HERE 
I've had this set for a few years now, I treated myself at the UMAE show when it first came out and was umming and ahhing at the show but I'm so glad I got the set in the end as they're definitely amazing quality and a great eye set to create pretty much any eye makeup look you want. I tend to use the same brushes to blend (MAC 224 or 217) but you may have spotted me using them in some of my latest YouTube tutorials and I have to say they're a fab investment and I would still be absolutely thrilled to receive any of the newer Rose Gold volumes if I was gifted them, as they are jaw droppingly beautiful too (especially the volume 2!).
At £65 this is most definitely another splurge item but totally worth the investment, especially if you get it discounted at a make up show like IMATS.
Other than this, Zoeva also do a Rose Golden Eyeshadow palette (£18) as well as a blush palette (£13) that I am actually intrigued to try as it's fairly cheap!

8a. eBay 12pc Rose Golden Eye Brush Set, £2.98, HERE
This one I came across thanks to Fee from MakeUpSavvy (you have got to check out the rest of her eBay posts, they're little gems!)
I read her post on these Zoeva Volume 2 dupes and convinced myself that for £3 I couldn't go wrong.
So I did and admittedly they are synthetic bristled brushes, compared to the natural hair of the Zoeva (which lately I've been favouring natural hair bristles for blending), however a few of these in the set are actually pretty helpful; namely the concealer blending type one (pictured at the top of the set) and the pointy pencil type brush for my bottom lashline (third brush from the bottom).
There are of course one or two useless brushes (synthetic fluffy ones) but overall for £3 I'm not complaining and they sure do look pretty.
8b. eBay Large Rose Gold Fan Brush, £1.26, HERE
Again, another Fee recommendation (read the full post here), the brush is only £1.26!! and I thought it looked pretty damned dense so was intrigued and when it arrived I wasn't disappointed. It is slightly on the big side, so for smaller faces I wouldn't recommend, however I can just about highlight the top of my cheekbones with this and then some, so for under two quid it's pretty decent (and natural hair too apparently).

9a. Primark Rose Gold Stippling and Eye Contour brushes, £1-£1.50, HERE 
Unfortunately the stippling brush isn't available online but surprisingly the Eye Contour brush is (here). Even though it's labelled an eye contour brush, I like to use it to blend concealer or if cream contouring, perfect for blending this too.
The stippling brush is one my cousin came across whilst shopping and bought me and it was like gold dust for a while but I'm glad it's back in my local store so if it's in yours, definitely grab it!
9b. Primark 2pk Rose Gold Tweezers, £1, HERE
Another great stocking filler for a Rose Gold fan but also one that wears lashes because the skinny pointed tweezers are fab for getting in the inner corner of the eyes and of course the regular looking tweezers are great for applying the lashes in the first place.
I wouldn't recommend them for actual tweezing though, they're kind of pants (but then I've been using Tweezerman tweezers for years).

10. ghd V Gold Copper Luxe Styler Premium Gift Set, £135, HERE
Strictly not "Rose Gold" cos I actually missed that edition back in 2014, BUT considering it's the next best thing, I'm so glad ghd have released this one this year and I think I actually like it better because the actual straightening iron plates are like a glittery brown-black shade (think Darkhorse from Naked 1 palette but with copper sparkle); basically it's a thing of beauty.
The Nails Inc nail polish and the heat resistant storage bag are just additional extras and to be fair the Rose Gold edition's heat resistant bag was better as my Copper edition doesn't seem to want to close, nor does it have ample mat space like the previous ghd case I own, but that's ok cos I'll just be using my old storage case's mat and storing the hair accessories that I have in the Copper bag.

At £135, it's a treat type present, however, 
I did promote this on my Instagram already and the code "TREAT" seems to give you 15% off here which brings it down to £114.75 which  is absolutely amazing for an electrical but also because this is a limited edition styler, you won't want to pass up on this and then kick yourself like I did about the Rose Gold ones!

Also, you currently get a free 8-piece Rose Gold makeup brush set when you spend over £60.. if you don't want to spend on a set I've already mentioned in this post of course ;)

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So there you have it! I'm actually thinking with all this mention of Rose Gold I never want to say it again haha. But clearly it's still very popular in beauty right now, so let me know what other Rose Gold items you recommend by commenting below!
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  1. Safiyah! The whole Rose Gold / Copper thing is confusing me a little now, to the point where I don't even distinguish any more - it's all Rose Gold to me! There's some really nice picks in here, I want to buy them all! The 12 brush set is the one for me though, they just look divine! (& Fee's Unicorn sets too!)

    Lima xo

    1. hahaha I know right? And yes definitelyyy, you need those Unicorn sets, even I feel like I do 😳


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