Sunday Swatches: 5 Best Concealers

Sunday, 7 August 2016

Hello my loves!

So this is a post I've been meaning to do for ages; if you know me, you know I'm obsessed with concealers, I'm always on the hunt to find the best concealer as my dark circles have gone beyond zombie status of late (and as a mum, night time is my time to blog/get some me-time, so the dark circles can't be helped!).

I thought I'd do a "5 best" feature on my blog as I've already done the highlighter post a couple weeks ago (here) and seeing as I have access to copious amounts of makeup through blogging and as a make up artist, I hope it's informative for you guys <3

Of course this is just my personal opinion of the "5 best" products I've tried so it's subject to change if I find the next best concealer so I'll try add edits to the posts where I can =)

I've set out the post from highest to lowest priced and of course added a discount code where I can; I won't be adding an overall lipstick rating as these are all bomb in their own ways, so read on for the full review!

1. Kevyn Aucoin: The Sensual Skin Enhancer

So I'm starting with the priciest as it's the one I use on very special occasions/when I want that super, super flawless coverage.
The Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer is a multi tasking product; can be used as a foundation, mixed with a moisturiser for tinted moisturiser, as a concealer for blemishes or under eyes or for highlighting and concealing.
Colour & Pigmentation: It's so so pigmented (yes it's necessary to use double positive words for this concealer), you only need the tiniest amount to cover a spot for example. Even dark circles need only the slightest amount, so don't be fooled by the size of the pot!
I got shade SX07 described as a medium shade with golden undertones, however shade SX06 is a bit yellower and probably would be great for NC25-30 skintones (I'm NC30-35).

Texture: The texture of this product is soooo thick and pigmented and very creamy. I'd recommend using either fingers to warm the product up (from a pointed brush) or a beauty blender; because the product is super thick, a buffing brush won't work as well as a beauty blender; I also recommend moisturising well if you're more on the dry skin side.

Packaging: Standard pot; would have liked colour coded stickers at the bottom or a window to see what shade for kit purposes.

Price: Priced at £38 (at Cult Beauty, Space NK, and Net-A-Porter) this complexion enhancer is pretty pricey if you're only going to use it as a concealer; however as it's so versatile and uber pigmented, it's totally worth the splurge.

--- Don't forget the code for Cult Beauty "YOU15" for 15% off if you want to save £5.70! ---

2. NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer

Next up is the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer; I use this every other day (when the following concealers do not suffice and on special occasions if I'm not using the Kevyn Aucoin.

Colour & Pigmentation: I have the RCC in two shades: Ginger & Custard. Ginger is my everyday shade, Custard is when I want to use it as a highlight.
It's pretty pigmented and works wonders for under eye circles, it really does make it radiant!
You can use it alone but I tend to use it in conjunction with either the Maybelline Age Rewind (below) or for extra full coverage, mixed with the Urban Decay Naked Skin concealer (also below!).

Texture: The texture is indeed a creamy thicker than liquid consistency. I'd recommend using either fingers or a beauty blender again.

Packaging: I like the window tube packaging (easy to see what shade) and the wand for personal use but not as handy/hygienic for kit use.

Price: Priced at £22 (at John Lewis, LookFantastic and Net-A-Porter) this concealer is another splurge product but definitely worth it if you feel all other concealers don't give the "radiance" you need to look awake! 

3. Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer

This is another raved about concealer in the blogging world and at first I didn't know what to think as I found it oxidised on me like no other (you can even see in the swatch pic above, it's dried a bit darker than first applied).

As I experimented with it, I grew to like it and here's why:

Colour & Pigmentation: The pigmentation is really good in this concealer, I'd say more coverage/opaque than NARS above. I got Medium-Dark (Warm) and tend to use NARS Custard with this as together they give a nice finish of radiance and coverage as well as a better shade match. 
Texture: The texture is a thicker creamy consistency; you can either buff a little in with a blending brush or use a beauty blender if you put full coverage triangles under your eyes!

Packaging: Again, I like the window packaging so I can see what shade I'm using. The wand is flatter than the NARS, therefore easier to slide on.

Price: The Naked Skin concealer is £17.50 (at John LewisDebenhams and House of Fraser) and is best suited to if you're a foundation wearer due to the heaviness looking slightly out of place if you were to just use it alone!

4. MAC Pro Longwear Concealer

This concealer has been a staple in my kit since like forever and for good reason: it does an amazing job at staying put!
It's similar to the UD Naked Skin above in terms of coverage so I would generally wear this only when wearing foundation.

Colour & Pigmentation: The pigmentation is really good; until I tried Kevyn Aucoin, this was probably the most pigmented concealer I had tried. I tend to use either NC30 (pictured) as I find NC35 is a bit too dark for me. In fact I'm probably in between NC30-35. 
Texture: The texture is a slightly thinner creamy consistency; again, you can either buff a little in with a blending brush or use a beauty blender if you put full coverage triangles under your eyes!

Packaging: I like the window bottle packaging; the pump is definitely more hygienic for kit purposes but I find I dispense too much sometimes (there's no winning lol)

Price: The MAC Pro Longwear concealer is £18 (at John LewisSelfridges and House of Fraser).

5. Maybelline Anti-Age (Age Rewind) Eraser Eye Concealer

Last but not in the slightest bit least: the Maybelline Anti-Age Eraser Eye concealer (aka Age Rewind Dark Circle Eraser across the pond in the US).
I do apologise that out of my top five concealers this is the only "drugstore" concealer, but I have tried the apparent dupe for NARS Creamy Concealer by Maybelline too and honestly preferred this.

Colour & Pigmentation: I have shade Nude and it is quite a sheer concealer in comparison to the rest in this post but stay with me; if you look at the swatches pictures above, this concealer is most closest to my (arm) skin colour. It's the closest shade to Ginger which suits my under eyes the best out of Custard and Ginger.
Despite not being as pigmented as the others, I use this concealer practically every day as it's a hell of a lot more affordable than the rest and it does the bare minimal I need to look somewhat less scary if I need to go out lol.
Texture: The texture is a thin consistency; the sponge ball head applicator is the best way to apply and I tend to further dab with a beauty blender if I need to.

Packaging: For personal, every day use, the packaging is very practical; you can rely on just the sponge applicator and your fingers and dispenses just the right amount if you're not too over zealous in twisting.

Price: The Maybelline Anti-Age Eraser concealer is £7.99 at Boots and Superdrug although shades are only limited to Light and Nude.

Have you tried any of these? What are your HG products? I'm always on the hunt for amazing concealers!
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  1. Omg yessss I have 4 out of 5 of these concealers!! I just need the Kevyn Aucoin one! X

  2. I'm so over MAC now (loooool), I have a sample of KA, it's awesome! I'll have to buy a full pot once the samples run out. I like the sound of the UD concealer, NARS creases on me - BIG TIME.

    1. Oh no!! I do love Pro Longwear still, it does the job so well and barely creases.

      As for the creasing, I tend to bake on a daily basis if I can or at least lightly dust the Laura Mercier powder, my under eyes are naturally so creasy already (it's from all the smiling haha).

  3. I have tried the MAC one and the Maybelline! I loved the MAC but it drove me crazy that I couldn't get to the last of the product and that container wouldn't open! But it was great and stayed on. The Maybelline is what I use now and I love it and have repurchased it many times. I also like the Maybelline Fit me concealer! Creamy and cheap!

    1. Yes, it's so annoying you can't use every last bit of the Pro Longwear but it so does the job amazingly, I always have it in my kit.

      As for the Maybelline Age rewind, I rarely repurchase concealers more than twice (I'm always looking for the next best one!) so this one has obviously impressed me and been the most affordable so far.

      I have tried the Fit Me concealer but find it's not as blendable as other concealers despite it being liquid but I'll give it another go soon =)

  4. I have been learned a lot of tricks and hacks of doing makeup while doing my autumn makeup lesson, as I started my own blog. This is really great. I used them for myself and on my clients as well.


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