Sunday Swatches: NYX Lip Lingerie

Sunday 3 April 2016

Hello lovelies, this is my first review since the rebrand, so you'll notice I have to say goodbye to my "FrootiFactors" but will still use my lippies for my overall rating and the rest will remain the same.. hope this helps!

So following my last make up look (collage below), I thought I'd review the NYX Lip Lingeries with full swatches of course.. If you read my Mummy Essentials post you'd have seen me gushing over the NYX Lip Suede in Soft Spoken (still love it as an every day shade!).

When I saw the new Lip Lingeries available on the Boots site, I was a bit disappointed by the pictures (here), because it did not give an accurate depiction of the Lip Lingerie shades (they all look brown in the Boots picture to be honest).
So I went ahead and checked out some American YouTube videos and did my research on Asian/darker lips; I couldn't make my mind up between Bedtime Flirt and Ruffle Trim and I also wanted to try out a brown shade as I tend to always go for pinky nudes.
You can see what they look like on my lips in the collage below, but read on to see what my thoughts are on these.
top: without flash; bottom: with flash

Packaging: The packaging is in a handy clear plastic tube with a wand to apply the product with. The packaging kind of reminds me of the Kylie Jenner liquid lipsticks.
Colour & Pigmentation: The pigmentation is definitely there but I find the product applies a bit unevenly. Not sure if this is to do with the wand or the actual product. The NYX Lip Suede feels more pigmented and definitely applies more evenly. The colours are gorgeous though, my favourite is Ruffle Trim.
Finish: Compared to the NYX Lip Suede, these don't leave a semi sticky finish as with the Suedes; the Lip Lingeries apply wet but dry to a matte finish.. and don't budge!
Scent: No nice sweet smell like the Soft Matte Lip Creams- more of a paint smell.
Longevity: By me saying they "don't budge" I mean I can go the whole day wearing this with barely any need to top up even after eating/kissing my toddler/having a nap even! (don't judge me).
Price: £6.50 here.

Overall ratingI actually love that these actually last! Teddy seemed a bit patchier than the others. Aside from this, I'd still give the lippies a 4.5 out of 5 because of how transfer resistant they are compared to the Lip Suede and of course the nude shade range should cover every skin tone.

Edit: I recently swatched two more from the Lip Lingerie shade on my Snapchat (add me: safiyahtasneem).
Here's a collage of the lip swatches taken on my phone (I feel like it makes Teddy and Embellishment look a bit more cool toned than in real life), Exotic is now my first fave though!
1: Embellishment, 2: Teddy, 3: Bedtime Flirt, 4: Ruffle Trim, 5: Exotic
I also filmed a little swatch video and added it to my new channel, be sure to subscribe!

The full NYX Lip Lingerie collection is available now in the UK and available to purchase directly HERE they seem to be selling out fast in the States (probably because they look like Kylie Cosmetics dupes, so be sure to get yours!
Have you purchased any of these Lip Lingeries? Which is your favourite shade?

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  1. These all look gorgeous on you Safiyah. :)
    I think I may spend a little of my Boots points on one of these and see if I can start to like these kinds of formulations. Ruffle Trim looks like a pretty shade.

    1. Aw thank you!
      It's always best to exfoliate your lips and wear a bit of balm before applying but yes! Ruffle Trim is my favourite for sure <3

  2. you are tooo gorgeous mashallah!!you look good in all of them!!!x

    1. Aw *blushes* thank you hun, you're tooo kind! I prefer Ruffle Trim and Exotic best, then Bedtime Flirt as second best! xx

  3. I want a shade that looks natural, fresh, and that will brighten up my face. I have light complexion. I'm eyeing on rufffle trim and exotic. Which one do you think would be the best choice?

    1. Hiya! If you have a light complexion, I'd recommend Ruffle Trim but I personally love Exotic just as equally as it's more brighter (Ruffle Trim is like the perfect nude for me)

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