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Thursday, 22 May 2014

So as you may or may not know, I recently gave birth to my little baby boy and have decided to add a parent/mummy/baby blogging section, where I hope to write helpful posts and reviews of products.

I cannot believe how fast time has already flown and getting to know him is an amazing and exciting experience for me, despite the initial sleepless nights!

I've been more up to date with posting quick little pictures on my Instagram, and if you follow me you may have seen my quick "instablogpost" on my "hospital bag essentials", which I will now rename as "Caesarean staples".
I thought I would do an official blog post here on the blog for those who may want to refer back to this post for future reference, but essentially I'll be repeating what I wrote on my Instagram picture:
I had a planned (elective) caesarean, so of course I had time to prepare and some of the products I recommend here may not be suitable for a natural birth, so bear this in mind!

In true MUA/bblogger style I had to of course try and look my best for my delivery with bare minimal products as you're not actually allowed makeup as they need to monitor your skin colour whilst operating; so that meant to me that face products like foundation, bronzer/highlight, blush etc were a no-no.

The midwife did say I looked "far too glam to be having a baby" but she clearly didn't know she was speaking to a makeup addict haha.

So these are my basic staples with links of where to buy them (mainly Boots links below):
  • Carmex/lip balm - hospitals are very warm places and dry out your skin especially the lips as you get so thirsty; any lip balm in stick form is ideal so you're not faffing around with fingers once baby is born! If you want a 2 in 1 rather than using a separate colour for the lips, the Moisture Plus Tints will probably serve you best. 
  • Revlon Just Bitten Kissable lip stain - I wanted something that lasts much longer even after drinking etc, so I applied some of this lip stain whenever I wanted to perk up a bit for hospital visitors too.
  • Benefit Fake Up concealer - This hydrates the eye area and conceals in one; again, the hot hospital air can affect your skin hydration and depending on how long you're in the hospital for, you may need something quick to hydrate and conceal in one go, particularly with the sleepless nights! (More suited to C-Sections)
  • Estée Lauder Double Wear concealer - for more coverage and longer lasting power or to top up your under eye/face areas (if needed). I prefer the Double Wear High Cover concealer (available at Debenhams) as it has a drier texture so sticks better to the skin or on top of the Benefit Fake Up. (More suited to Natural Births)
  • Maybelline Big Eyes/Waterproof mascara - a good waterproof mascara will last long through tears (or sweat if natural birth!) and this particular one can coat top and bottom lashes. The best waterproof mascara I've tried to date is the Urban Decay Cannonball mascara, review here.
  • Kiko Eyebrow Marker - a quick and easy application without looking too overdone; also doesn't smudge or stain.
And there you have it; my most essential products I'd recommend. I'd also suggest going for multitasking products like cheek and lip tints or cream blushers so that you can add a bit of colour to your cheeks and lips for photos after birth if you wanted!

Any mums out there who had some beauty essentials they couldn't live without? Would love to make a collective list!



  1. Hope you are having tons of fun with your new son! Revlon JBKBS are my favorite jumbo lip pencils on the market! They are so awesome, plus they have a great color selection!
    <3 Pauline. ­­Addicted to Makeup

    1. Thank you my lovely, I sure am!

      And yes I have to agree, I like that those have a bit of moisture to them but am tempted to buy the new matte ones too <3


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