Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette - Rose Neutrals (Swatches and Review)

Thursday 28 November 2013

Following on from my previous post, I thought I'd share my experience from the exclusive Naked 3 event I attended on Tuesday and of course get down to actually showing the beauty of the palette with swatches!

Warning: this is a very long post and is picture heavy!

Naked 3 - Rose Neutrals

As I entered the event on Tuesday, I was greeted with a poster of the new Naked 3 visual "12 all new Rose Neutrals":
I'd seen images of the palette from Temptalia and of course fell in love with the rose-gold theme as it's very on trend and has a certain richness to the colour.

A stand ahead of me held "The Perfect Threesome" of Naked palettes; of course I had to lay them out next to eachother for comparison and Instagrammed a picture of them straight away, but in this blog post I've added the clearer picture taken with my camera:
I went straight ahead and dunked my fingers into the sumptuous Naked 3 which felt like butter underneath my fingertips.
I was particularly intrigued to try out the matte shadows in the palette as usually matte shadows don't tend to be as pigmented as shimmers but I was pleasantly surprised as I swatched the first shadow "Strange" on my hand; unlike Foxy from Naked 2, Strange is much more pigmented and softer to the touch which meant to me that it would be a much better highlighting shadow than Foxy which didn't quite show up as much as I'd have liked it to.

As I spoke to the head makeup artist for Urban Decay, I found out that Urban Decay had also added double ended "Naked" 24/7 pencils for each of the Naked Palettes, bringing back the Zero/Whiskey from the original Naked palette that I bought as well as a few others (Temptalia again has posted pictures of these).

I then had to head off to another event which I'll be posting about shortly, but when I got home, all I could think about was my gorgeous new Naked 3 palette sitting there and decided to snap some pictures:
Also included with the Naked 3 palette is a 4-pack sampler blister pack, containing a 1 week supply of 4 different eyeshadow primers in Original (clear/invisible), Eden (nude matte), Sin (champagne shimmer) and the new Anti Aging primer (invisible).
4-pack eyeshadow sampler included with Naked 3

Naked 3 Swatches

Although Temptalia is my main source of info for the clearest swatches, I decided to swatch the Naked 3 palette on my own skin as I know a lot of my followers on Instagram, Twitter etc are of a warmer skintone and were asking me how it would look on our tones.
I'm particularly yellow in skintone so I myself was intrigued as to how it would look on my skin.
I split the swatches into 4s for swatching purposes and have them all in a single picture at the end: 
All shadows swatched on arm


Packaging: The packaging for Naked 3 is pretty much identical to Naked 2, except that it is in a gorgeous rose gold shade and has a ripple effect on the outside. I like that it is sturdier and clips shut unlike Naked 1. The brush included is double ended like with Naked 2, however instead of a fluffy crease brush you get a blending brush.

Colour & Pigmentation: The shadows in this palette are rose-hued to match the whole rosy theme. As you can see above, the shadows are very very pigmented as always with Urban Decay. 
All shadows in this palette are completely new.
I found Trick to be less pigmented out of all of them, however when applied wet/with the finger it becomes amazingly pigmented and sparkly, so it's actually my favourite!
Blackheart is my next favourite as it's an interesting colour; it's described as a smoky black matte with rosy red micro sparkle, but I see a deep purply/aubergine colour in it, and when you can't see the sparkle it looks black.. amazing!

Texture: The palette includes 3 mattes (Strange, Limit and Nooner), 4 glittery/sparkly shades (Dust, Buzz, Trick, Blackheart) and satin/shimmers. All are smooth to the touch of course.

Longevity: Without being biased, I've always found UD eyeshadows to last a crazy long time, particularly when paired with the Primer Potion.

Price: At £37, the Naked 3 is priced the same as the other Naked palettes which works out £3.08 per eyeshadow. Full size eyeshadows by UD are priced at £14 each so this works out pretty cheap even if they're not full size! Not to mention a standard shadow brush is usually £14.50 alone and you get a double ended one in this palette. Score!

FrootiFactor: I love the packaging and pigmentation of this palette; not to mention the new range of neutrals that a makeup artist can never have enough of! I'd give this palette a 4.5 out of 5, only because I don't think it will be very suitable for the deepest of skintones:
The Naked 3 Palette will be available to buy on the 16th December 2013 from Debenhams and House Of Fraser stores as well as online and at these online retailers: LookFantastic, HQhair and BeautyBay.

From the responses I've seen about this palette through my own social media sites as well as from looking at how it sold out in the US hours after going on sale, I highly anticipate this palette to send everyone into a buying frenzy just as with the release of Naked 2.

If you want to pre-order the palette without having to worry about it selling out, you can do so via LookFantastic HERE who offer free delivery, or Next Day Delivery with the code "NDD1". You're welcome.

I will be doing a "FrootiBeauty's Guide to Naked Palettes" post very soon if you're confused about which palette to get for you, so do keep an eye out for that!

What are your thoughts on this palette? Are you an UD Junkie like me and adding this palette to your collection?



  1. Great post. Love the swatches. Can't wait to purchase. Xx

  2. I haven't got the first two but oh yes I need this one! Getting the bf to pre order for me for xmas! great post hun! x

    1. Thank you my lovely! Ah I honestly believe everyone needs a Naked palette in their makeup wardrobe, it's like a staple like vests etc are to your clothes wardrobe haha!

      I think the Naked 3 will suit your skintone beautifully too, good choice! xx

  3. Great product! I love my palette! Its sold out on urban decay but i was able to buy it on kmcosmetics.net!

    1. Have to agree, it especially looks good on fairer/pinkier skintones <3 x

  4. Amazing review! Thankyou Frooti ^_^
    when you mention all the pros about it being such good value, with the brush too makes it so worth it! I've actually just ordered my first ever naked palette (Naked 1) as I'm on a sort of budget (student life) but from 1 and 2 that one seemed the most versatile for warmer skin tones, love this review and all your other UD posts and I can't wait to see the pic-torials you do on your blog ^_^
    The Blushing Giraffe| The Blog Loving

    1. Thank you sweetie!
      I would say that Naked 1 is still my favourite and most used palette as it's warmer, but I do love them all so if you weren't on a student budget buy them all so you can mix and match ;) xx

  5. Omg I thought I didn't need this, but it looks amazing! I love my Naked 2 palette so I might just give into this one.

    1. Aww it's definitely a very popular one as it will suit many fair/peachy/pink skintones.. the pre-orders have already sold out! x

  6. I have tried all the Naked palettes and really like the Naked 3 palette. I have found it was ideal for daytime daily use. Here's a video I posted on how I use them: http://youtu.be/H9TmDbe4lpA

  7. This is a beautiful look, but for me mature eye means hooded with crepey skin like I have in order to have this title. I would love to see this look done on someone that has the type of skin I've mentioned and see that look on them.naked url


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