Photoshoot Pics.. Part 1

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Last month was a fairly busy makeup month for me so I didn't get to update as frequent as I'd like to.. However things have calmed down (a bit!) and I want to share some pictures of the shoots I did the makeup for.
First up in this blog post was a shoot in Bermondsey with two models (Shikira & Leanna) and my cousin Farah who did the mehndi (henna).
The models were both amazing and strutted their stuff so we got some great images, however I would have liked more close ups from the photographer (without washing out the makeup).
On to the pictures then; first up, Leanna:

Smokey wedding or Prom look
"Party" Makeup with Henna
And Shikira:

Indian Fashion shots

Gypsy look
Hope you like these, there's more to come from other shoots in the next post.. which should be up by tomorrow!
I've posted the pictures on my facebook page and will be adding more as I go along!

Which look did you like best?


  1. Looks so beautiful <3

  2. They both look sooo great! I would say my favorite is the second one because I love the background with it!

  3. Wow, the looks are all awesome! <3
    My favourite is the first one.

  4. Beautiful! You are very talented :)

  5. Love love love your work! The first pic is my favourite! x

  6. I love it! So artistic and princess :o)! Have a nice day. Xoxo V.V.

  7. I am continually amazed by how talented you are mash'Allah!

  8. i like the first look best :) all are soooo good


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