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Saturday, 8 October 2011

I was asked by Lumiere Cosmetics to review their products and after filling out the sample request form I received the products this week.
I have to say I'm impressed that they sent the products I requested for, I thought it'd be a bit cheeky but once I'd seen some of the colours and swatches on their site, I got a bit carried away!
I received 2 foundation, 2 blush and 3 eyeshadow sample pots as well as a lipgloss sample too.

The questionnaire I filled in asked about my skin type, skin tone and which types of colours I'd wear, as well as any particular requests.

I received foundation samples in Medium Warm Cashmere and Medium Deep Beige flawless face; blush samples in Clay and Terra Cotta; eyeshadow samples in 24 Karat, Suede and Peppermint Patti, and lipgloss in Las Vegas lumi lips.


Medium Warm Cashmere was lighter than Medium Deep Beige, but Medium Deep Beige still made me look a bit paler than my usual skin (esp since coming back from holiday!).
I used it with my Bare Minerals foundation buffing brush and under the eyes as concealer with my ring finger. I did notice a funny smell when applied with the finger, so it's something I wouldn't suggest!
Medium Warm Cashmere has a slight shimmer to it, whilst Medium Deep Beige is more matte.

I found Terra Cotta much more suitable for my skin tone, although I thought Clay may be a good choice when I requested for it. Terra Cotta has a slight shimmer to it also, whilst Clay is a matte blush, but I'd say Clay is more suited to paler skintones than myself. 

I chose 24 Karat because the swatch on the website looked amazing and I can see myself using it for wedding makeup and bridal looks.
Unfortunately when put on the glitter didn't show up as much as I expected, I'm thinking that you need to a sealant like Splash cosmetics sealant/base (which I do not own!).
Suede looked like a nice neutral matte colour and is described as a "light buttery tan color with a warm look", but on my skin tone it looks fairly white, but is quite soft in texture so blends well.
Peppermint Patti is a gorgeous unique shade described as "Medium deep brown with icy green/blue undertones and sparkles". It's a lovely shade, I'd say mousy brown with a mint green undertone and you can see the website swatch here. Unfortunately once blended, not much of the green undertone can be seen, as you can see in the FOTD below. 

Lumi Lips in Las Vegas looked promising in the tube, I chose it to go over lipsticks, again for bridal/wedding looks. I like that it is non sticky, it feels like a lipbalm on my lips and in the look below I used it over UD lip envy in Envious. However, in terms of staying power, as with all lipbalms, they melt easier so don't last as long, but it would be a great handbag item to keep lips moisturised.

So here's the look I created using the product samples:
Left side with Clay blush:
 Right side with Terra Cotta blush:
And the eyeshadows up close:
I used normal gel liner by Sleek with UD Siren liquid liner underneath to try and set off the green undertones of the eyeshadow.

What do you think? And which mineral makeup would you recommend?



  1. wow you have such flawless skin!
    nice products and look!

  2. Minerals are great..
    I love both blushes..
    BTW. Beautiful make up :)

  3. I LOVE the look you created with the products, your blending and liner are fabulous! <3

  4. Love using Lumiere products!!! You look great :D

  5. You look gorgeous.. Great honest review though


  7. those are beautiful colors!! and i love them on you! very pretty :)

  8. I've just discovered your blog and I absolutely adore your makeup posts! You're beautiful!

  9. Aww thank you girls, and Jillian, I try my best to be fair =)


  10. very beautiful colours. I think terra cotta blush looks very nice on you...........

  11. Wow. I love the Arab looking eye makeup as I am part Arab. You do it so well. This is subtle and not too loud. Good for the daytime. I can never get the flick that perfect though. Love your blog.

  12. I like the blushes and peppermint pattie, LOVE how you did your eye make-up, particuallry. Perfection <3

    I'm not too convinced by the other shades, I must say.

  13. Wow. The look you've done is gorgeous. And wow you are so beautiful. Mae xx

  14. wOw...amazing look! <3 i loved it! =)

  15. Love the look of these colours and what you've done with them. You're sensationally beautiful! So happy I've discovered your lovely blog.

    Nic x


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