Arabic Palette Tryout

Friday, 11 February 2011

Hello my lovelies! I'd almost forgotten but I bought an Arabic palette on eBay (after being inspired by miss Nada), around mid January, and it arrived this week! 
I managed to swatch a couple colours to see just how good the pigmentation is... and I have to say its great! The only thing I don't like about the palette is its texture; its quite grainy which is a weird consistency for eyeshadow, but once it melts on the eyelid it looks lovely and rich. So don't go using it on cold blooded people or it may look like cack!
The palette is called "Miss Anny - 80 Makhmali Eyeshadow" and I got it from this seller (but I'd go straight here for the palettes coz they sell a lot of random stuff).
They're really quite cheap for the amount of colours you get and for the pigmentation, but enough talking, lets see the palette!

I have to admit, a lot of the colours look like they've been doubled or even tripled, or maybe just very slight differences in tone e.g. browns. One shade I spotted amongst the rest was:
look familiar?? Maybe not to some, but it defo stood out to me, as an UD Fishnet dupe! I'll have to swatch them together to see properly but I'm sure of it, coz it's my all time favourite colour; two toned pink and purple.
Anyway, here's some swatches from this palette, just random colours that stood out to me:
 the Fishnet dupe is second from right; gorgeous!

I look forward to trying some looks out with this! As ever, if you have any requests, feel free to comment or email!



  1. omg i want this! the pigmentation is amazing!! Let me know how the staying power it!

  2. Oh yayy we get this in dubai :D
    I saw variety of different palettes from this brand. Since I wasn't really sure about the quality, didn't bother getting them. now will rush to get these :)
    thanks x

  3. Wowww such a lovely palette!! Really want to have this !! The shades look so pigmented!!

  4. thanks for this,just ordered mine! cant wait xx

  5. I too saw the palette on Miss Nada page and automatically fell in love with it and had to absolutely order it. I love how it's very sparkly compared and highly pigmented kinda in your face make-up (lool) compared to the manly palette. So can't wait for mine to come.
    Look forward to seeing from looks :D

  6. loool i love how its been named the arabic palette i just gave it that name cuz it had a weird arabic name lol oooh yay u got it off ebay that is amazing cuz lots of people are asking me to get it and i have no idea how i can get more!! i can now tell them that its on ebay although the colours aren't exactly the same as i have but the colour pay off looks just as great! let me know some looks that you have done with this xxxxx

  7. @aranza - will do once I try it out for a day ;)

    @ezzy - dont go overboard, i'd say try one out to see if you like it.. like i said, the consistency leaves a bit to be desired for!

    @rakhshanda, try my ebay link, they're not bad!

    @sabina & bobbi.J - defo do let me know what you think of the palette when you get it

    @arabian eyes - lol i figured lol but it fits just fine so now i think its offically named "the arabic palette" lool! no probs babe and defo will put some looks up when i can!


  8. I want one! But the shipping would be crazy cuz I'm in the states :( lol anyway, I'm giving you the versatile blogger award. click here for the details

  9. Wooow this palette looks amaze! Can't believe it was only £8...!

  10. thanks for sharing this with us, i was looking around for 1,


  11. Oh my gosh these are SOOOOOO beautiful! I love how shimmery they are. I may have to take a peep at them and possibly pick one up.

    p.s Thanks for the kind words on my blog. <3

  12. where can I buy one? there are so nice..


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